Parfum, packaging & personalization

Create a tailor-made fragrance

for your Wellness & Beauty Center

From October the 1st 2021, our production will be momentarily suspended
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Discover the advantages

Impress your guest with a unique decorative accent: a customized product to adorn a room in an original and captivating way

Be unforgettable with a scent that will remind people of you thanks to olfactory memory

Grow your profit with a high margin product you can buy directly from the producer

How does it work? It's simple


Choose from a selection of fragrances expertly developed in accordance with current trends


Select a bottle from our extensive collection and pair it with an atomizer and decorative cap of choice


Print a label, with customized name, logo and text


Create and print a personalized box with logo, image and text

Aromatherapy confirms that different essences produce different effects on the body and on the mind: that's why it's fundamental to use aromas in those places dedicated to relax like spas and wellness centers.

In these places the use of aromas encourages the effects of the wellness treatments and relieves physical pain and psychic pressures in a total relax.

That's why we suggest you to create your custom perfumes for wellness and beauty centers: in addition, to relax your customers, it will contribute to decorate the room in an original way and to stimulate the olfactory memory.

With personalized perfumes for women and men you can givev to your guests a 360° experience allowing them to take home the relaxation and the wellness felt.

Pick from the Tailor Made Fragrance aromas the one that best represents your wellness or beauty center, choose the packaging that better suits your style and complete your custom fragrance with your own design.