Parfum, packaging & personalization

Create a tailor-made fragrance

for your Event

From October the 1st 2021, our production will be momentarily suspended
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Discover the advantages

Presents and team building: a customized fragrance is strictly connected to the perception of the occasion

Impress your guests with a unique decorative accent: make the occasion unique by having your name on every bottle and box

Perfume your event on the way you are, and use sense of smell to communicate your identity

How does it work? It's simple


Choose from a selection of fragrances expertly developed in accordance with current trends


Select a bottle from our extensive collection and pair it with an atomizer and decorative cap of choice


Print a label, with customized name, logo and text


Create and print a personalized box with logo, image and text

If you're organizing and event you have to pay attention to a lot of details, everything has to be in harmony, even the aroma: use the sense of smell to create a positive memory e communicate who you are.

With a personalized fragrance for your event you can welcome your guests in a pleasant atmosphere and in total accordance with your brand identity.

You can use our room fragrances, choosing the aroma you prefer, to increase your brand identity e leave to you guests a positive image fo your brand e of the values it carries.

The women fragrances and men perfumes are the perfect custom gift to create a positive feeling with your customers; or they're the perfect gadget to increase the chemistry of your team and get the best results.

Take advantage of Tailor Made Fragrance personalized perfumes also for the holiday, with the perfect gift for your loved ones.