Women's winter fragrances 2020: between enveloping and delicate essences

Women's winter fragrances 2020: between enveloping and delicate essences

Perfume is a fundamental element to embellish the every woman's look. In addition to being an essential accessory, it is able to best express the many facets of a woman's personality.

Winter is the perfect time to wear intoxicating fragrances with a thousand shades: in fact, there are many feminine fragrances ideal for this season that best express the concept of modern and independent woman.

The enveloping aroma of jasmine and the delicacy of orange blossom are the main elements that enrich the 2020 winter scents, creating an unique olfactory bouquet much loved by women. 

Even the gourmand notes such as vanilla and tonka bean or floral notes such as geranium are able to give warmth to the fragrances but at the same time a touch of sensuality.

Finally, some fragrances dedicated to this period combine innovation and tradition, mixing lively notes such as iris with spicy and woody notes such as patchouli and sandalwood.

A winter fragrances line dedicated to the female universe with Tailor Made Fragrance

Bold, refined but at the same time delicate and timeless, the women's fragrances proposed by Tailor Made Fragrance are made by expert master perfumers, according to the latest market trends.

Among the most suitable fragrances for the winter season there is Amber Scent, a combination of aromas characterized by the strong tones of patchouli and cedar wood and the delicacy of vanilla and jasmine. 

The Potion

Another elixir able to enchant the nose is The Potion, our best seller fragrance that combines floral notes with white amber.

In addition to these two fragrances, in our e-shop, you can find many others that can satisfy your tastes and needs. And if you are undecided, you can order the Discovery Kit, a box with 5 samples of 1.5 ml that will allow you to test the different fragrances, helping you in your choice.

Discovery Kit

To complete your fragrances line, you can also select the packaging you prefer and combine it with elegant accessories.

Finally, it will be possible to customize them with boxes and labels to be decorated with your own text, logo and graphics starting from only 100 pieces.

Thanks to our intuitive configurator, you can create a refined and elegant women's fragrances collection in just a few steps: our team is at your complete disposal to answer all your requests, helping you in the creation of the fragrances line for your brand or for your events.

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