Every outfit has its own fragrance: the most used women's fragrances during summer

Every outfit has its own fragrance: the most used women's fragrances during summer

The arrival of summer, in addition to the desire for relaxation and vacation, also brings the need to change the fragrances that you are used to use, putting  in the drawer the most intense fragrances applied in winter. Very often you opt for fresh fragrances that can be combined with sparkling and colourful looks, much loved during the summer but also more elegant outfits, worn at exclusive events or parties.

For a casual look to wear every day, in your free time or to go to work, the best choice can only fall on citrus fragrances: the mandarin, grapefruit and lemon notes will give a sparkling touch to every look but at the same time will communicate resourcefulness and freedom.

In case of an important occasion, floral bouquets enriched with rose, peony and jasmine are able to express sensuality and character, highlighting every woman's femininity.

If you prefer to wear sporty and practical outfits, the amber and gourmand fragrances emanate energy and are perfect for bold and decisive women.

A fragrances line for every outfit with Tailor Made Fragrance

Tailor Made Fragrance offers a wide selection of fragrances suitable for all kinds of outfits, able to meet the tastes and needs of our customers.

Fragranze femminili per ogni look

In the section dedicated to women's fragrances, you can find 10 references: from the precious notes of The Rise, to the elegant and sensual Sunny Woman and the irresistible Amber Scent. Each fragrance is made by expert master perfumers, skilfully mixing top quality ingredients that will give persistence to the perfume.

In addition to the fragrance choice, it will then be possible to select the most suitable packaging to contain it: the proposed bottles have different shapes and sizes and are made of the highest quality glass that will preserve the perfume in the best way over time. In addition, it will also be possible to combine the accessories in the finish you prefer.

Finally, to make your line even more personalized, you can complete it all with boxes and labels personalized with logos, graphics or writings.

Una linea di fragranze personalizzata con Tailor Made Fragrance

If you want to touch the quality of the product, you can ask for a sample that will allow you to test the fragrance before proceeding with the production order.

Give voice to your creativity and start creating a fragrances  line that reflects your brand: in a few steps and online you will get unique and personalized fragrances, starting from 100 pieces.

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