Winter fragrances 2020: our gift ideas under the Christmas tree

Winter fragrances 2020: our gift ideas under the Christmas tree

Winter fragrances 2020: our gift ideas under the Christmas tree

In this short guide, Tailor Made Fragrance suggests you the best winter fragrances 2020, to gift yourself or donate to a special person.

The importance of perfume in 2020

Wrapping and inebriating, perfume represents the final touch to enrich your look, something that is impossible to renounce. The fragrances we use to talk about us, tell something about our personality. We love choosing the ideal fragrance for a special night, maybe to make a good impression on a person who makes our heartbeat. However, fragrances are also used in everyday life, at home, at work, doing shopping: many like to be always in order and feel good with themselves. Also, ambient scents have an essential role in this sense, especially those used in the workplace, where we stay for a great part of the day.

In 2019, over a billion euros was spent on male and female fragrances. Surely, this underlines the importance we give to this type of accessory. Moreover, among the most loved and bought fragrances are the green ones made with natural ingredients. This witness the growing attention of consumers for the environment, more than themselves.

Winter fragrances 2020: our gift ideas under the Christmas tree

Perfume trends of winter 2020

Every season evokes different sensations. Summer for example is characterized by light and fresh notes; Winter is covered by spiced, woody but also sweet and delicate scents. However, not everyone in an expert in seasonal scents. Therefore Tailor Made Fragrance wants to help you realizing a personalized fragrance to put under the tree. We have already talked about autumn/winter 2020 fragrances, but let's see other tendencies to make the right choice.

Eco-sustainable fragrances

The green wave will continue being very important also in the cosmetic field. Perfumes of 2020 will be conceived with great attention to environmental sustainability. The consumers will pay particular attention both to the substances used in the production of cosmetic products and the sustainability of the packaging. For this reason, more and more cosmetic brands in the last years have married an eco-friendly philosophy: say bye-bye to disposable plastic and welcome recyclable materials.

The product composition is also gradually changing. Indeed, cosmetic brands are looking for natural ingredients for their fragrance composition.

Unisex fragrances

In 2020 the marked distinction between man and woman is already obsolete. Therefore unisex fragrances are encountering a particular success. This tendency is particularly intense among young people, especially the Z-generation, which made the "neutral cosmetic" its distinctive sign and symbol of gender equality. This is why Tailor Made Fragrance has thought to an innovative series of unisex products, also suitable for the most demanding noses.

Mineral perfumes are the absolute news of 2020, thanks to their ozonic scent, not too decide, and perfectly cut out for unisex fragrances. It's a new olfactory family, which has a specific personality beyond recalling the crystalline purity of the minerals.

Winter fragrances are warm!

One of the most appreciated fragrances since the first leaves fall from trees is certainly the chestnut one. It may be that it evokes the patterns of the autumnal walks, or that it recalls conviviality. Or it may even be due to the most delicious interpretations of chestnut, like marron glacé or chestnut creme. We prefer to believe that's a warm fragrance, exactly as eastern or woody scents by Tailor Made Fragrance.

A woody and enveloping touch is the ideal for winter fragrances, thus recalling one's beloved hugs and fondness, which we won't receive on Christmas day in this weird 2020. It will be helpful, then, to keep distances without giving up on a love and serenity mood.

Personalized perfumes

Perfumes herbalist and pharmacy

A constantly increasing number of people buy customized perfumes, looking for quality and innovation in the first place. Many often choose pharmacies or herbalist shops, hoping to find quality products. As a matter of fact, thanks to their attention to their customers' needs and to the natural composition of the products they offer, they are among the most appreciated places for cosmetic shopping.

The selling trend of fragrances in pharmacy and herbalist shop is growing. In the last few years, this trend has experienced a sudden hike, generating a turnover of millions of euros. Moreover, esteems for future years are equally promising, announcing a further increase.

For this reason, an increasing number of pharmacies and herbalist shops are realizing lines of customized fragrances. These fragrances are able to satisfy client necessities, including the one to have an high-quality product. At the same time, the possibility for a pharmacist or an herbalist to have a customized collection of fragrances reinforces the image of their store, especially in front of their clients.

In order to face Christmas, this year, pharmacies and herbal shop will have to get furnished with exotic and winter fragrances. Sought-after scents and unique packaging will be the ace in the hole. No worries, Tailor Made Fragrance will take charge of the details.


Custom perfumes

Customized fragrances by Tailor Made Fragrance

Meeting the increasingly aware customer tastes means trusting professional people to create lines of customized perfumes.

Tailor Made Fragrance praises a great experience in making fragrances and cosmetic packagings. Factories need solutions going further compared to traditional essences, in order to enhance as better as they can their own brand identity and distinguish from their competitors. You will only have to choose one of the exclusive fragrances a roster of experts found for you and select the bottle you prefer. Rounded, squared, or slim shapes, you can choose according to your needs. You will also have the possibility to customize your bottle and put your label on it.

If you're not convinced yet, ask for our samples. Before ordering you will receive one of our kits containing five 1,5 ml spay samples. In this way, you won't have to choose sight unseen and you'll have an idea of the best fragrance for you.

Let's find out more about the production of perfumes by Tailor Made Fragrance and discover our new products, such as our hygiene and safety line. If you choose Tailor Made Fragrance you also choose to have the warranty of quality of raw materials, the possibility of customizing your fragrance, and assistance by experts.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further details about the creation of your customized fragrance.

Customised fragrances by Tailor Made Fragrance

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