Unisex and Gender-fluid, the most loved fragrances by the young people of generation Z

Unisex and Gender-fluid, the most loved fragrances by the young people of generation Z

Suitable for both male and female tastes, unisex fragrances are the trend of the moment. 

Young people of the Z generation, or rather boys and girls up to 24 years old, are the ones who love them. This age group does not consider gender identity a rigid and well-defined construct, but a variable that can change over time.

For this reason, in recent months, this kind of fragrance, also called gender-fluid fragrance, has become very popular. They can be shared and exchanged without distinctions, thus overcoming the rigid labels "for him" and "for her".

Actually this is not a real innovation, the first unisex perfumes were created in the seventeenth century with eau de cologne, essences used by both men and women.

Unisex fragrances

Today there has been an evolution and these fragrances have been enriched with new intense shades such as amber, musk, warm woods and multifaceted marine and floral accords. The result is unmarked fragrances that once in contact with the skin express their deepest soul and arouse strong emotions.

Your unisex fragrance line with Tailor Made Fragrance 

In accordance with the latest market trends, Tailor Made Fragrance offers you a selection of refined unisex fragrances that are truly irresistible.

Among the most popular fragrances there is The Star, a fragrance with bright and sparkling notes of citrus and jasmine, which blend with an intense bouquet of spices.

If you love more vibrant fragrances, The Sea is the right choice for you: its amber heart enriched by musk and patchouli transmits freshness and sensuality.

Discovery Kit

If you're not sure which fragrance is best for your collection, request our Discovery Kit, a box of 5 1.5ml fragrances to test before placing your order.

Once you have selected your favorite fragrance, you can choose the packaging. Inside our website you can find bottles with squared or rounded lines in different sizes to be completed with refined accessories in multiple finishes.

Finally, the last phase involves the customization of the pack: thanks to boxes and labels, you can decorate the bottle with your logo, with a text or with coordinated graphics.

The result will be a unique fragrance able to communicate in the best way the essence of your brand, your store or an event.

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