Travel Size Perfumes: between mini size and olfactory notes perfect for every destination

Travel Size Perfumes: between mini size and olfactory notes perfect for every destination

Perfume is an accessory you can't give up, even when you're on the go. For those who love to explore new places, big cities or spend a relaxing holiday on the beach, there are many perfumes to take with you that become real travel diaries translated into olfactory notes, able to evoke emotions and unforgettable memories.

The travel size fragrances are available on the market in the practical mini format, allowing you to carry them in your bag or suitcase without taking up too much space: carrying them with you at all times will allow you to have a unique look even during the trip.

Travel-size perfumes

There are several kinds of olfactory bouquets perfect to accompany you on holiday.

For the cosmopolitan woman who loves to know the charm of culture, fragrances based on citrus and spicy notes are the perfect mix. While if you have a romantic and dreamy soul, floral and fruity fragrances are the ideal choice for a trip to cities as Venice.

For adventurous spirits, the woody and spicy olfactory notes are the right combination for a holiday to discover nature in unspoilt places.

Finally, if you prefer relaxing on the beach, the fresh scents of musk and ambergris are the perfect compromise to enjoy the pleasant movement of the sea waves.

A travel-size fragrances line with Tailor Made Fragrance

With Tailor Made Fragrance you can create a travel-size fragrances line online, in a few simple clicks from 100 pieces.

Travel-size Perfumes

The first step is to choose the perfect fragrance: on the website there are several types of men's, women's or unisex olfactory bouquets to satisfy your customers' tastes. Each fragrance has been created by expert noses with top quality raw materials according to the latest market trends.

The second step involves the choice of the most suitable packaging: in the case of travel size fragrances it is important to select practical packs in mini format to take with you such as the 10 ml Cilindro bottle to be combined with elegant accessories available in different finishes.

Finally, to give a touch of uniqueness to your perfume line, you can complete it with boxes and labels personalized with your logo and graphics or by requesting the design service that will allow you to create a tailor-made graphic design for you thanks to our team of experts.

If you wish to test the perfume you have created before proceeding with the production order, you can request a pre-production sample that will allow you to experience the quality of the fragrances you have created.

Rely on Tailor Made Fragrance for your fragrance line: our team will be at your complete disposal to create fragrances that best represent your brand or shop.

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