SPA and Aromatherapy: fragrances that generate well-being

SPA and Aromatherapy: fragrances that generate well-being

SPA is one of the places par excellence dedicated to relaxation, a unique experience to reactivate your senses and take care of yourself.

Having pleasant moments is fundamental for both body and mind: the use of perfumes and stimulating essences recreates a real sensory journey and olfactory paths that allow us to improve our mood.

Tailor Made Fragrance: una linea di profumatori personalizzati

Aromatherapy allows us to immerse in an environment enriched with balsamic, citrus and floral notes - just to name a few - with the aim of recreating the right synergy between the body and the surrounding environment, promoting the action of wellness treatments.

In addition to their beneficial properties, fragrances and essences make an environment unique and have the power to evoke emotions, sensations and memories: for this reason the choice of a fragrance is a crucial aspect to create positive experiences.

Customised fragrances for your wellness centre with Tailor Made Fragrance

With Tailor Made Fragrance it is possible to create a line of personalised perfumers for environments such as spas and wellness centres. Thanks to the perfumes created by expert noses and the elegantly designed packaging, it is possible to communicate the uniqueness of a place in an inimitable way.

Una linea di profumatori unici per SPA e centri benessere

When choosing a fragrance, it is important to consider in which environment it should be placed: in the case of a wellness center, Tailor Made Fragrance offers multiple solutions. For example, The Water is a perfume which can be indicated for an environment such as the waiting room because it evokes the scent of a Mediterranean island in which calm and peace reigns.

In the relaxation areas, on the other hand, more relaxing aromas are recommended to counteract stress and negative emotions that come from the outside: The Woody is a fragrance which evokes sensations of immediate well-being, thanks to its warm and amber olfactory notes.

Finally, in the treatment rooms, we recommend The Jasmine: a sweet and persistent fragrance, characterized by woody and spicy notes and the sweetness of vanilla and musk.

With Tailor Made Fragrance it is also possible to create customized perfume lines in different sizes, even in travel size. This will allow you to give your guests/customers an unforgettable experience: with a small gift you will bring back to their mind not only your wellness center, but also the emotions and sensations experienced in the SPA.

Tailor Made Fragrance: profumi e profumatori d'ambiente personalizzati

Creating your own line of made-to-measure perfumers, starting from 24  pieces, is really simple and fast. In case you are undecided about the most suitable perfume for your company or brand, you can buy the practical sampling kit that includes 5 spray samples of 1.5 ml to test each essence and choose the one that best suits your spa. At your first order, you will be given a discount code equal to the value of the kit.

After choosing the fragrance you prefer, you have to select the packaging. Tailor Made Fragrance offers a wide range of packaging, available in different sizes up to 200 ml, which will give a touch of class and originality to any type of environment.

The last steps concern the choice of accessories, in different colours and finishes, and of boxes and labels that can be customised with their own logos and graphics.

So, in a few steps you can create personalized perfumes that will tell your brand in a unique and unforgettable way.


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