Personalized mini size perfumes: the products suitable for all occasions

Personalized mini size perfumes: the products suitable for all occasions

Whether it's a travel products line, a gift for customers or for an event, mini size formulations are enjoying great success. They are practical to carry with you, but also perfect for a compact beauty collection.

Mini sizes are particularly popular with the new generations: according to a report by the Mintel agency, pocket beauty products are increasingly in demand by the Millennials, who are attracted by their practicality and the opportunity to try out new products.

In fact, the ultimate goal of travel size formulations is to offer consumers what they need, in a smaller size, creating a unique consumer experience.

The fragrances are the most requested travel size formulations: for this reason many people love to bring their own perfume with them on every occasion so that they don't have to give up their own beauty routine while travelling or away from home.

A line of mini size fragrances for your brand or event with Tailor Made Fragrance

Travel size perfumes are the perfect gift for an event and the ideal product for a pocket fragrance line: you can create them quickly and easily thanks to Tailor Made Fragrance online configurator that allows a maximum customization.

Mini size fragrance with tailor Made Fragrance

On our e-shop, you can realize a unique and personalized fragrance line. The first step is to choose the perfumes you prefer: our expert noses have mixed the finest aromas, creating refined fragrances for men, women or unisex.

The next step is the selection of the packaging: since it is a mini size collection, the perfect container is the 10 ml Cilindro bottle. This elegant pack can be enhanced by unique accessories such as caps and spray pump available in different finishes.

Finally,  you have endless combinations to make your perfume unique choosing the boxes and labels graphics that will complete the packaging.

Before proceeding with the order, Tailor Made Fragrance offers the possibility to request a sample to touch with hand the final result of the product.

The Tailor Made Fragrance inspirations and the countless customization proposals allow the creation of a Made in Italy fragrance line to enhance your brand by cutting down production time and costs.


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