Personalised fragrances for your brand, a mix of emotion and identity

Personalised fragrances for your brand, a mix of emotion and identity

A fragrance can communicate a lot about us. With everything we do to create our image, even simply choosing a perfume reflects something about our personality. In fact, we create an olfactory identity on the base of the values we want to express and transmit. A lot of agencies already understood the potential of all this idea! In fact, fragrances are the perfect instruments to communicate the identity of a brand to the public: they increase the awareness and the engagement of the consumer. This original business card will be a memorable experience when offered to your clients and it will have a positive influence on their purchase experience. Nowadays, marketing experts support every commercial location with targeted strategies that want to stimulate the olfactory memory, a theme we already discussed in one of our previous articles.

Thanks to Tailor Made Fragrance you can create your personalised fragrance for your brand. Our experts will always be available to help you during each and every phase of your request, starting from the choice of the fragrant notes until the packaging.

The right advice to choose a fragrance

But how do you understand if a fragrance is the perfect one for you or your brand? We find the answer to this question through the olfactory pyramid. As we already discussed in a previous article, the basic notes of the composition of a fragrance are divided into 3 big areas, the most volatile (head), heavier (heart and fund) that are the soul of the perfume.

personlised fragrances for your brand

Olfactory Pyramid of The Jasmine perfume, available at Tailor Made Fragrance

Here you can find some advice to tell your identity and transmit emotions through the sense of smell:

  1. The first impression is important. If you like a fragrance from the first instant, you could be in the right direction. If you’re not sure about the “niceness” and you have to think about it, this means that the perfume didn’t provoke anything particular in you. At this point, you should move forward. Trust your nostrils!
  2. No need to hurry. Follow your guts but take your time to make a decision. A fragrance is instantly liked because it has head’s notes that fit with your taste, but heart and fund’s notes, they don’t correspond to what you expect. You have to wait a few minutes to activate them. Remember this in order to avoid impulsive purchases of a very delicate product.
  3. Don't overwork your nose. You could be tempted and try to smell many different essences, one right after the other. Doing this you’ll overwork your olfactory perception and every note will feel confused and unpleasant. Take some time, a few pauses and let your olfactory balance naturally adjust.
  4. Faithful but not always. Choosing the right fragrance for your identity or your brand doesn’t have to constrain you for life. You have to be coherent with your values and with the image that you want to evocate, but you are free of experimenting and restyling.

The personalised fragrance you’ll choose for your brand must offer to your customers a sensation of well-being so that you can keep them in your environment. In fact, a more positive impact means a higher probability of the customer becoming a client. And obviously, positive memories of the purchase experience are easier to stimulate. This is the winning mix between emotion and identity brand.

Invest in the sensorial marketing

Nowadays we live in a hypervisual society where we are constantly bombarded by advertising images through different channels. All of this created a lack of attention from the customer, that now is considered indifferent to it. But remember that the sense of sight isn’t the most efficient one to stimulate interest! If you want to be different and distinguish your agency from all the other competitors, you need to give up the idea of the omnipotence of the image; you have to invest on the other senses, most of all the sense of smell. This is, indeed, the most primordial sensorial system and it provokes an instinctive reaction in the brain. In fact, the receptor of smells (that we find in the nose), they activate the limbic system that controls different areas: emotions, memories and sense of well-being.


personalised perfumes for your brand

On this specific theme, Martin Lindstrom (marketing expert on a global level) and Doctor Gemma Calvert (neuroscientist), they conducted different researches on a series of interesting experiments about hundreds of volunteers. One of these was about the proposal of expressing an opinion on a scale of values. Results: the couple image-fragrance has a better judgement compared to the two single elements.

The sensorial marketing is spreading more and more and it permits, nowadays, to make a difference.

Tailor Made Fragrance: fragrances and accessories to valorise your brand


custom perfumes for your brand

Lastly, thanks to a decennial experience, Tailor Made Fragrance offers the best solutions for fragrances, coupled with high-level design.
We use only the best raw materials: from essences to bottles, up to boxes and we rely only on reliable partners. This way you’ll have the possibility of giving to your clients a quality product, made in Italy, at a favourable price. To create the personalised perfume for your brand, or for other needs, you just need to follow a few simple steps and make some decisions between:

  • one of the fragrances proposed by our experts updated on the market trends
  • bottle, pump and capsule
  • graphic of the label
  • and graphics of the box

Take a look at our samples of fragrances. You’ll get the chance of adding a personalised text and a logo in the graphics solution that we propose. Your brand will gain more value that will surely create the public’s engagement you were looking for.
Don’t hesitate and contact us if you have any doubts, if you need more information or other advice.

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