Perfumery Packaging: an element to distinguish your fragrances

Perfumery Packaging: an element to distinguish your fragrances

Packaging is one of the first elements that captures the consumers attention when they are interested in a fragrance. Elegant, refined and innovative, the perfume bottle is not only a container but is able to embellish it and make it unique.

In addition to be a communicative and distinctive element, the pack transforms the fragrance into a multisensory experience, stimulating not only the sense of smell but also the touch or the sight when it is made with particular materials, techniques or colors.

There are packaging that represent real works of art, furnishing accessories that are displayed at home, in the office or in the shop to give a touch of creativity to the environment.

It is with this in mind that Tailor Made Fragrance's research and development department continues to work on innovative packaging solutions aimed at enhancing fragrances as much as possible. To meet market and customer needs, a new packaging for home fragrance fragrances, the Essentia bottle, has been introduced.

Available in 100 ml size, this glass container is characterized by a refined design and modern lines, giving uniqueness to all kind of environment.

Essentia, the new bottle of Tailor Made Fragrance

In addition to Essentia, other types of packaging are also available on our website.

When the configuration is started, it will be possible to select the desired fragrance and, once this step is completed, you can choose the container and accessories.

If you want to create a home fragrance, there are many solutions: from the square shapes of the Quadrat and Square bottle to the sweeter and more rounded ones of Circular and Essence. 

Finally, to complete the fragrance, you can customize it with cases and labels to be decorated with a text or logo and graphics of your brand.

Quality and design are assured with the fragrances and packaging offered by Tailor Made Fragrance. Do not hesitate to contact us for any need: our team will be at your complete disposal to satisfy all your needs and to answer your questions.

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