Tired of the usual presents? Choose our perfume bottle favours for your joyful events and christenings!

Tired of the usual presents? Choose our perfume bottle favours for your joyful events and christenings!

In a previous article we dealt with perfume bottle favours as perfect wedding favours. Tailor Made Fragrance suggests similar perfume bottle favours for all ceremonies and joyful events such as christenings or confirmations.

Since they happen to be a personalised product and they have something to do with an event, they should convey the atmosphere of that special day and be unforgettable. For this present it is better to choose ornamental products such as favours with wooden sticks or made of chalk.

For your perfume bottle favours you can choose between 3 types of bottles available in different finishes and sizes, and complete them with rings and wooden sticks. Like our elegant clear glass bottle matched with white ring and sticks. Moreover, the essential oils allow you to perfume your house, to hydrate your skin and make the air more breathable: our favours are not just beautiful, but also useful for purifying the air.

Which fragrance to choose?

Perfume bottle favours for christenings

The choice of the fragrance should be careful. Since it influences the olfactory memory of the guest, it is better to choose fragrances that are not so strong, but likely to be remembered. Among our proposals we suggest you The Garden, which remind you of the a fresh summer garden through its essences (iris, jasmine, lemon and coumarin); The Tulip, perfect in spring because it reminds you of blossoming tulip fields or The Jasmine for the autumn/winter, where its woody notes are combined with vanille and mosses. Pay attention to the seasonality of aromas: for every season there are more suitable fragrances.

If you are undecided, follow our pieces of advice in order to find out the suitable fragrance for you and your perfume bottle favours:

1) Do not rush: take your time. Make reference to our fragrance pyramid when in doubt.

2) Rely on an ingredient you like: start from an aroma (citrus fruits, moss, wood etc.) you like and asses whether you should add other ones.

3) Do not overstain your nose: do not smell too many fragrances one after the other. Otherwise, you would stain your smell and you wouldn't fully enjoy them.

Since the fragrances activate the limbic system that controls emotions, memories and the sense of well-being, you should choose the correct one. They are moreover fantastic means of communication because they succeed in sticking in people's mind: the guest will remember the occasion as he/she smells the perfume bottle.

perfume bottle favours for your joyful events and christenings

Are you undecided on the best fragrance for your wedding favours? Ask for the Discovery Fragrance Kit: 5 samples of our home fragrances in 1.5 ml spray bottles enclosed in an elegant hard case.

Tailor Made Fragrance allows you to customise your perfume bottle, a 100% made in Italy product as explained in the video below. You can also personalise your box and bottle uploading a personalized graphic with your own image or logo with your initials and the event date.

Visit the website of Tailor Made Fragrance and follow all the steps to create your perfume bottle favours and, in case you do not have any clue what to do, let be inspired by our proposals to create a personalised perfume for your ceremony!

The Tailor Made Fragrance team guarantees professionalism and quality in order to fulfill your needs. Please contact us for any need!

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