Oud: the timeless essence

Oud: the timeless essence

Magnetic, luxurious and intense, oud is the aroma which is conquering fragrance lovers all over the world. Also in 2020 it will continue to be one of the most used essences by noses, representing the longest lasting olfactory trend of recent years.  

Obtained from an extremely rare and expensive resin, it is one of the most precious ingredients of artisan perfumery. Its intensity and warm tones are able to evoke the atmosphere, the peculiarities and the beauty of the Arab culture, a world characterized by a great olfactory tradition made of aromas, incense, perfumed oils, precious woods, musk, spices and resins as ancient as amber.

Oud differs from other essences for its complexity. It combines woody, balsamic, smoky and spicy notes, sometimes vibrant and sweet; however, it can take on different shades depending on the mix of ingredients with which it is combined.  Present in many male or unisex perfumes, it is the perfect choice for strong and decisive personalities, for those who like to be noticed and leave their mark.

Oud, the most precious perfume with Tailor Made Fragrance

Until a few years ago, the oud was a niche essence that only very few could have. Today Tailor Made Fragrance offers you the opportunity to create a male fragrances line based on this precious ingredient.

Oud Aroma

During the creation of your perfume collection, you can select the exclusive Oud Aroma, a fragrance characterized by citrus top notes, floral and woody heart notes and finally by oud notes . It is a composition that communicates elegance and virility.

Finally, to make your fragrances even more unique, you can choose the packaging from the wide range of glass bottles available in different sizes to be combined with unique accessories. In addition, you can customize the packaging with boxes and labels customizable with a text, a logo and coordinated graphics.

Create a line of exclusive and precious perfumes with Tailor Made Fragrance: quality and design Made in Italy in a few simple clicks.

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