The most original perfume bottles ever: design and packaging

The most original perfume bottles ever: design and packaging

A guide to perfume bottles that wrote the history of fragrances

A fragrance is an expression of class and personality, and each scent has the power to convey particular meanings. More and more brands rely on fragrances to communicate their style, make it unforgettable and create an aroma that can be recognized.

But a fragrance is not just an essence and the fragrance industry, a market that knows no crisis, has been creating for centuries evocative products in which packaging plays an "essential" role. In fact, the value of a perfume is firstly expressed in the bottle's design where the fragrance meets the recognizability of shapes. Following the principles of olfactory marketing that we have discussed in the previous article, a perfume builds the brand identity and is designed to be consistent and recognizable.

How many times do we feel ineluctably attracted to a perfume for its packaging?

This is the reason why, over the years, designers have dealt with perfume bottles' concept, turning them into evocative objects.

Perfume bottles are like a book's cover or the packaging of a gift: this is what firstly sparks your interest and has to be combined with the fragrance inside of them.

"The design of a bottle was born long before its contents. It serves to shape the DNA and the history of the brand, as well as to express the universe created around the new product, without destroying its predecessors" explains the French designer Thierry de Baschmakoff. His talent has given him an incredible success for over thirty years, during which he created "L'eau parfumée" by Bulgari and some of the most loved perfume bottles like Cartier and Hermes.

Designing a bottle means creating a trend!

This is why big brands tend to choose a bold design to stand out in such a wide market. The fashion houses often renew concepts that have made the history of the brand or sometimes they redesign it completely.

Perfumes are not the only ones that wrote the history of perfumery, but also their bottles have became part of the collective imagination in an indelible way. Breaking classic design's patterns, in fact, iconic fragrances and packaging became real collectible must-have.

So let's see the most original fragrance bottles ever. We will find out that, in reality, they often have very well-known shapes.

Couture Fresh: the fresh irreverence of Moschino

original perfume bottles moschino

In 2017, Moschino astonishes everyone with Couture Fresh, a provocatively irreverent eau de toilette which perfectly embodies the style of the brand. An irresistible floral fragrance with mandarin and bergamot notes that literally "sprays". The design of these perfume bottles in fact recalls to the packaging of household cleaning products.

"The concept of this fragrance was to combine the most trivial of all products, the household cleanser, with something so precious, a luxurious and haute couture fragrance. The contrast is winning" has explained Jeremy Scott, designer for Moschino since 2013.

Already in 2014, with Toy, Scott had shown his talent in overturning the fragrance of the maison. "I'm not a Moschino toy" says the t-shirt of Moschino's teddy bear-shaped bottle and the brand once again plays with words and contrasts. The teddy bear hides a pleasant unisex fragrance, with citrus and floral notes.

Amazement has always been one of the main aims for Moschino. How can we forget the Olivia-shaped Cheap & Chic bottle? This iconic and famous fragrance born in 1995 remains the most original piece of the brand, with a warm bouquet of rose, violet, cedarwood, vanilla and musk.

The flower explosion by Viktor & Rolf

The most original perfume bottles ever: design and packaging


Since 2005, when Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb has been launched, it has never stopped to convince. Recreated in different editions, Flowerbomb has maintained the same innovative concept: an explosion of flowers which alludes to the powerful floral bouquet that encloses. Flowers, orchids, jasmine, freesia and rose petals enriched with patchouli and vanilla for an irresistible and iconic fragrance that stole the heart from the most "explosive" women.

In 2014, instead, Viktor & Rolf proposed a more romantic creation called Bonbon, enclosed in bow-candy shaped perfume bottles. Bonbon is inspired by luxury desserts and caramel.

Jean Paul Gaultier and his timeless bust-shaped perfume bottles

original perfume bottles design and packaging

Since its first edition, in 1993, Classique and Le Male represent a best seller in the world of perfumery. Jean Paul Gaultier in fact has created two bottle lines for truly iconic fragrances. Classique is a fragrance for strong and sensual women, based on orange blossom, ginger, vanilla and amber notes, in a bottle shaped like a feminine bust. Given the success of this concept, Gaultier launched in 1995 a masculine edition, Le Male, with fresh and strong aromatic notes.

When a perfume becomes a jewel: Thierry Mugler

The most original perfume bottles ever: design and packaging

 Another unforgettable fragrance is Angel by Thierry Mugler, who has proposed an original line of perfume bottles. Its design recalls a star, multi-faceted like a diamond. Angel's bottle is a real jewel, which contains an enveloping fragrance with oriental notes.

In 2005 Thierry Mugler launches another iconic essence: Alien. A bottle that seems a talisman or an ultraterrestrial purple precious stone with golden inserts. The ampoule combines very original shapes with a seductive but delicate fragrance, with notes of Indian jasmine.

Marc Jacobs perfume bottles: a design inspired by nature

customized original perfume bottles ever: design and packaging

Even Marc Jacobs has chosen some very special shapes for his fragrances. His perfume bottles are often inspired by nature.

In 2012 the brand created Marc Jacobs Dot, a playful bottle with petals and polka dots which evokes ladybugs. The concept is perfectly combined with the floral and fruity fragrance characterised by pleasant exotic notes of coconut and vanilla.

Talking about nature, Marc Jacobs also launched Daisy Blush, a perfume bottles line with the very special cap made of daisies. For this reason the bottle evokes a vase of flowers: in fact it contains a floral and fruity essence with pink grapefruit notes.

"J'adore, Dior"

custom perfume bottle Dior

How not to recognize J'adore by Christian Dior? An iconic bottle, launched in 1999, which immediately became a desired and  unforgettable luxury item. Boldness, luxury, freedom and creativity are the values ​​that the Maison wants to recall through the fragrance. The perfume bottle resembles a sophisticated amphora with golden filaments, that evokes the majestic and haughty elegance of Masai women. This unforgettable shapes thus recall an ideal of beauty which is both ancient and modern.

Paco Rabanne: when a fragrance expresses personality

The most original perfume bottles ever: design and packaging

The idea of ​​elegance and luxury is also essential for Paco Rabanne, who launched two iconic golden fragrances in 2008. Lady Million and 1 Million, for him and for her, mix flowery and woody notes. A diamond shape for the feminine fragrance, an ingot for the masculine one. For these perfume bottles Paco Rabanne created two real jewels, perfect for leading personalities.

Dsquared2: nature and virility in the geometric rigor of a perfume bottle

customized design and packaging perfume bottles

Dsquared2 proposes a fragrance that combines modernity and culture. He Wood is a harmonic synthesis of three elements: air, water and wood, where the natural elements of the fragrance evoke  the vast expanses of woods in Canada. Such a particular essence needs an equally original package.
The perfume vials of this Dsquared2 line revolves around wood, which contains a square bottle with a very masculine character.

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Continue to follow us to find out the secrets of the most iconic perfume bottles and all the latest trends about fragrances.

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