Perfumes speak about us: one fragrance, a thousand meanings

Perfumes speak about us: one fragrance, a thousand meanings

Perfumes speak about us and are able to embellish the look of each one. They express people's personalities and convey past emotions and sensations.

Behind the olfactory notes of each fragrance, there is a deep, curious and unexpected meaning. Individuality, seduction, initiative and emotion: each fragrance communicates some strictly personal aspects and is able to enhance them.

Among the most meaningful aromas we find amber and patchouli that evoke intensity and audacity: they are loved by sensual and decisive personalities because they are particularly persistent, remaining for a long time in the olfactory memory of each one. 

Sweetness and affectivity are expressed, instead, by fragrances based on vanilla, sugar and chocolate. These are notes that hide the desire to be wrapped in a strong embrace and are often used by people who have a continuous need to be surrounded by positive feelings and people.

If you want to express femininity and sensuality, rose, lavender and lily of the valley are perfect olfactory notes for romantic women who have traditional tastes and looks.

Moss and woody essences are dedicated to those who love a strong, decisive and fresh perfume. Usually they are essences that enrich the male or unisex fragrances with the aim of communicating strength and initiative.

Finally, citrus scents are particularly suitable for sportsmen and all those who love adventure and travel, as they express vitality and lightness.

Choose the fragrance that best represents you and create your perfumes line with Tailor Made Fragrance

Your fragrances line with Tailor made Fragrances

With Tailor Made Fragrance you can create your fragrances line online in a few simple steps.

Choose the fragrance you prefer and start creating your fragrances line. The essences proposed are made by expert noses according to the latest market trends. If you are undecided, you can order the discovery kit, a box with 5 fragrances that will allow you to select the one that best suits your tastes.

Then choose the packaging: you will find a wide range of bottles with a Made in Italy design to be combined with elegant accessories, obtaining a fragrance with a unique and refined look.

Finally, customize your pack with boxes and labels: you can enter your name or logo and graphics of your brand in an easy and fast way.

If you want to preview how your perfume will look, ask for a pre-production sample that will allow you to evaluate the final result before proceeding with the order.

Create your fragrances line from just 24 pieces: we guarantee you a high quality product, with an unmistakable design that will be able to best express your personality. 

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