Olfactory marketing: a new trend for your brand

Olfactory marketing: a new trend for your brand

Companies are increasingly using olfactory marketing, that means using scents as a strategic communication tool. It's a strategy to make your brand immediately recognizable and identifiable. It's an extra boost because thanks to it you can directly convey your company's values. Pick a fragrance it's not so simple, but Tailor Made Fragrance is the perfect partner to crate your olfactory logo.

Olfactory Marketing: why the sense of smell?

Among our senses, the smell triggers more emotional reactions, that are unintended and irrational. The smell is the sense with the most powerful impact on our memory. Indeed, human memory can remember up to 10 thousand different smell, but "only" 200 different colors. So scents can be easily memorized but they also have a deeper meaning. We associate them to events, items and, above all, to people. This is the reason why a smell can trigger instant reactions of pleasure, disgust or excitement.

Olfactory marketing is a part of sensory marketing and the goal is to recall flavors, fragrances and good memories in the costumer's mind. This in order to automatically produce a good memory of the brand to impress in his mind. So at this point the brand is associated to that particular fragrance and became an unforgettable memory for the customers. When a customer gets in touch or is exposed to that specific scent, he'll have a clear and immediate memory of the brand.


the new olfactory marketing trends

So fragrances are a powerful tool and they have a strong evocative power; It can not be ignored, ideed we can't decide to not breath o to not sense a smell that, in addition, it requires no attention to be remembered.

Olfactory Marketing: the olfactive logo

When brands have understood the power that fragrances have in, they began to use them as olfactive logos. They represents the actual brand, not only because they are immediately recognizable, but also because they can attire new customers, they can affect their purchasing decisions and they can upgrade the brand experience.

The spreading of certain fragrances can directly stimulate the customer's emotions and affect his purchasing behavior. For example, a scent can keep the customer in a store for more time and, above all, a scent can imprint in his mind a good memory of that experience. If the customer feels a sense of wellbeing when he's in the store, he'll be more tempted to come back there.

The olfactory Marketing can boost and strengthen a brand image. But pick the perfect olfactive logo to associate to your brand is not so simple or granted. The olfactive logo has to evocate good emotions and sensations, has to convey the company's values but in the same time not be so strong to bother the customers. The fragrance has to make the atmosphere pleasing to encourage the customer buying and coming back. A fragrance helps to create a pleasing setting just like the light, the forniture and the music.

olfactory marketing customized perfumes

Olfactory Marketing: a customized fragrance

With Tailor Made Fragrance you can customize your olfactive logo, but also the packaging of your product. On your website there is the configurator section where you can create step by step your own customized fragrance for your brand. With the olfactive pyramid you can choose the scent to create your own perfume. Obviously, all the fragrances are studied and developed according to the newest trend on the market. The next step is the picking of the bottle to contain your perfume, among a wide range of shapes, and finally you can customize all the details.

Last but not least: the graphics! The graphics will complete your totally customized perfume. Again: It can recall the brand and its values. Moreover, the olfactive logo can convey the idea about the target, that the company set itself.

olfactory marketing customized perfumes

Some examples

By now, there are lots of brands using olfactory marketing. The very first one to use fragrances as powerful tool of communication it definitely was Procter & Gamble. Indeed, this company adds to its dish soap a lemony-scent to point out its degreasing power.

The Singapore Airlines has been the first one to sketch out its own olfactive logo to create a floral atmosphere in order to reduce anxiety and improve the flying experience of its customers.

The popular brand Dunkin Donuts has create its own olfactive logo on coffee flavor and by that moment there has been a 29% sales increase of coffee.

Tailor Made Fragrance it's the ideal partner that will help you in the creation of your own customized perfume on the basis of your values, of your brand identity and of new trends on the market. What you are waiting for? Contact us and together we'll make your brand unique and instantly recognizable.

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