Niche fragrances as Christmas presents? Discover Tailor Made Fragrance proposals and surprise everyone with a personalized perfume

Niche fragrances as Christmas presents? Discover Tailor Made Fragrance proposals and surprise everyone with a personalized perfume

Again this year the fateful moment of the hunt for the perfect Christmas present has arrived. Our proposal? Give a personalized perfume, an original idea designed to amaze. Perfumery is a sector that attracts increasingly wider and demanding market, looking for unique niche fragrances. Let's find out more about these perfumes and creations designed by Tailor Made Fragrance for your Christmas gifts


Niche fragrances are the result of the work of master perfumers who create new olfactory combinations with their knowledge, sensitivity and intuition. These perfumes, in fact, are true works of art, author's creations that become perfect Christmas gifts for real connoisseurs.

Niche fragrances are not commercial products. They are born not so much to meet the market but rather the their creator's inspiration. In some ways, in fact, the supply precedes the demand. However, niche fragrances often become iconic perfumes well known also in the wider market, attracting new consumers. For many people, however, it is not just a matter of perfume, but they become part of a lifestyle that communicate personality in a unique way.

Niche fragrances as Christmas presents? Discover Tailor Made Fragrance proposals and surprise everyone with a personalized perfume

Niche fragrances: what are the common features and trends for the future?

Master perfumers use only the most precious raw materials to create unique and timeless creations. In this way the artistic perfumery conquers even the most refined customers, evoking unusual, enveloping and intriguing sensations and atmospheres.

Another common thread of niche fragrances is the choice of an elaborate packaging designed with attention to details to express an original and unconventional identity.

The production process is strictly artisanal, in order to transmit the ancient art of master perfumers. In addition to inspiration, in fact, continuous research and total knowledge of processes and raw materials are needed.

What is the new frontier of niche fragrances? Molecular perfumes: combinations of molecules created in laboratories, innovative, persistent and smelling differently according different skin pH.


A brand that has always focused on ancient techniques and traditions is Fragonard, a French maison renowned  for its luxury creations inspired by the perfumes of Provence and the French Riviera. Another leading name for niche fragrances lovers is certainly Creed. This brand has been selling exclusive perfumes for the most demanding customers for over 250 years. But there are countless craft brands that every year offer refined olfactory mixes that combine the best raw materials with an original and exclusive packaging.

Niche fragrances: a winning idea for your Christmas gifts

The artistic perfumery offers a lot of ideas for those who are looking for unique gifts for special people who loves to try new things. Giving niche fragrances means attributing an important role in our life to the gift recipient, as we dedicate time and attention to the choice of the best fragrance for him or for her.

In this way, those who receive them will experience the joy of discovering a perfume that is personalized and different from all the others, but that for some reason will feel unexpectedly as their own.

And what better time than Christmas to give a niche perfume to yourself or others? At this time of year the atmosphere becomes dreamy and the best scents are warm, enveloping and spicy, evoking wait and good intentions.

Niche fragrances Christmas presents personalized perfume

Tailor Made Fragrance: personalized and niche fragrances for every need

Do you want to try luxury niche fragrances at an affordable price? Discover the creations of Tailor Made Fragrance, created by master perfumers thanks to a continuous search for the best essences and a decade of experience in the sector.

Surprise a special person by choosing a unique and exclusive creation. Tailor Made Fragrance offers niche fragrances for men and women at the best price. To create them you will need 4 simple steps!

Choose the fragrance that best expresses the personality of the gift recipient. Within the wide assortment of fragrances created with passion by expert perfumers you will find our suggestions on the character of each fragrance. Feminine perfumes or masculine scents? For people who are determined, romantic or eclectic? Identify your target and discover the perfect olfactory mix for it.


Give free rein to creativity and choose from our rich catalog the most suitable packaging to represent the character of the recipient. Tailor Made Fragrance offers a range of fine glass bottles available in different sizes and shapes. If you want to create a line of home fragrance diffusers with luxury perfumes, you can discover all the different glass containers with wooden sticks and the best scents for exclusive places.

Customize your niche perfume with the best combination of accessories and bottle. In order to complete your gift with a touch of class, just choose personalized labels and boxes. They will reflect even the most particular personalities.

What are you waiting for? Start to create your personalized perfumes and surprise customers and the ones you love with a truly unique gift. For more information contact Tailor Made Fragrance, your ideal partner to realize scented gifts, corporate gifts and presents for cebration and any occasion you want to make unique and unforgettable!

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