The new Tailor Made Fragrance for him and her

The new Tailor Made Fragrance for him and her

With the beginning of the new year Tailor Made Fragrance has decided to renew its olfactory bouquet, introducing 10 new fragrances for men and women.

Elegance and exclusivity are the aspects that most express these fragrances, made by expert noses mixing the most precious essences according to tastes and market trends. Here are all the new perfumes introduced by Tailor Made Fragrance.

Male fragrances: between elegance and audacity

For man, perfume is a powerful weapon of seduction that allows him to express his audacity and elegance: Tailor Made Fragrance has created 5 intoxicating masculine fragrances that will make him irresistible.

Among the new features, we find Aquatic Green, a perfume that evokes the power and beauty of the sea, thanks to its citrus notes that blend harmoniously with marine essences and the enveloping aroma of amber.

Aquatic Green: the new fragrance for him

A fragrance that celebrates strength and virility is Brave Soul: its woody yet fruity nuances make it a strong and intoxicating fragrance.

For the man who loves to provoke and seduce, the right fragrance is Intense Man, an original fougère that captures the senses. The top notes of mandarin and grapefruit, the heart notes of incense and geranium combined with the base notes of patchouli and guaiac wood express energy and modernity.

For those who are looking for a timeless perfume, the choice can only fall on Classic Scent, whose main notes are ginger, absinthe and leather: a riot of aromas that will surprise you.

Finally, the king of men's fragrances is Oud Aroma, a fragrance that expresses luxury and exclusivity, thanks to the presence of natural oud, an ingredient of extreme rarity and value that gives complexity, character and intensity.

Feminine fragrances: the new decisive, elegant and romantic tones

For women, perfume is almost like a dress to show off, a way to express their strong, enterprising but at the same time sweet and romantic character.

Within the selection of new fragrances proposed by Tailor Made Fragrance, Amber Scent is the fragrance dedicated to women who love contrasts and are not afraid to dare: the strong tones of patchouli and cedar wood combined with the delicate accords of vanilla and jasmine make it a bold, energetic and sparkling combination.

For those who love fresh formulations, Chypre Girl is the ideal solution. Thanks to the lively notes of bergamot, jasmine and patchouli, it will awaken the senses and the sensual side of every woman.

Eastern Flower: the new fragrance for her

Eastern Flower, on the other hand, is a fragrance that infuses femininity: it is characterized by two precious perfumery materials, leather and rose, which together express romanticism and elegance.

Among the new fragrances proposed we find Light Musk, a persistent and a musky perfume: sensuality and sweetness are the characteristics that most evoke.

Finally, Sunny Woman is a luminous and enveloping composition: its floral notes enriched by jasmine, ylang-ylang and citrus flowers are perfect for modern and passionate women.

Customize your perfume line with Tailor Made Fragrance

With Tailor Made Fragrance you can create your own line of personalized fragrances from 24 pieces.

If you are undecided on the choice of the fragrance that best represents you, you can buy the discovery kit that includes 5 samples of 1.5 ml that will allow you to try the different fragrances. When you place your first order you will receive a discount code for the same amount as the kit.

The next step is to choose the bottle: discover the wide range of packaging, available in different sizes, which can be combined with unique and elegant accessories.

Last but not least, with Tailor Made Fragrance you can further customize your fragrance with boxes and labels with texts or logos.

Moreover, it is now possible to request even a single sample of your personalized perfume to evaluate the finished product. You will receive a discount of the same value, which will be applied when you place a first complete production order.

Be inspired by Tailor Made Fragrance and create a unique line of personalized fragrances!

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