Luxury perfumes: the most exclusive hotels use fragrances to offer a stay of thousand and one night

Luxury perfumes: the most exclusive hotels use fragrances to offer a stay of thousand and one night

Staying in a hotel today means enjoing a real sensory experience. The customer experience is built not only with the quality of the accommodation facility, the design of the fourniture and the choice of colors. The identity of a hotel is more and more a matter of smell: for this reason choosing a unique olfactory logo that seduces every visitor becomes crucial. So let's find out why the most exclusive hotels rely on luxury perfumes to build their olfactory identity.

The smell is one of the most powerful senses to trigger emotions and memories. Thanks to the olfactory memory, a perfume connected with an important episode of our life awakens immediate and vivid memories. The evocative power of perfumes is the reason why more and more brands today choose an essence to complete their brand image. This is the case of companies but, above all, stores and hotels where we must build a relationship with customers that is capable of creating a positive experience to be remembered over time. That is the key to create their loyalty.

Therefore, finding a fragrance that communicates a well-defined character becomes a must for high-end hotels. In a constantly growing sector like the hotel industry, the new trends reveal a particular focus on the customer and to create an offer tailored to his needs. This means, for the most demanding tourists, to create a complete luxury experience, from the organization of the spaces to their design, from the services provided to the atmosphere that pervades every room.

Luxury perfumes, creating a common thread that links the different spaces together, become the perfect choice to create a 360-degree experience.

 Tailor Made Fragrance for Hotel and Spa

Why do the most exclusive hotels choose bespoke luxury perfumes?

Rami Sayess, the vice president and regional general manager of the Four Seasons Hotels, has underlined the importance of "giving the customer a sense of a unique and unforgettable place". That is the secret to ensure that the client will bring with him the memory of these feelings once he left the hotel.

And what is more unforgettable than an emotion? Definitely a perfume! The trick is to best balance the ingredients to create the perfect stay: an emotional journey that make the customer feel unique and pampered.

If you want to create an experience that is not only pleasant but unforgettable, an original solution can be luxury perfumes. The most renowned hotels use fragrances created to stand out from the competition but above all to engage their guests in a truly unique experience. Whether it is a business trip or a relaxing holiday, every hotel owner wants the stay in their hotel to be remembered for a long time. Luxury perfumes give character and personality to hotel's environments. Thanks to the power of olfactory memory, these fragrances help to impress a special memory in the customer's mind. And carving out a space between his memories with a rewarding sensorial experience means building loyalty.

 Tailor Made Home Fragrances for Hotel

What are the best hotel's environments to spread luxury perfumes?

First of all, the reception, the business card of a hotel and the starting point of the sensory experience in which customers are going to immerse themself. A customized perfume will immediately help to make the atmosphere cozy and will accompany the guest along this olfactory path.

Secondly, we cannot fail to mention bedrooms, to be aired daily and perfumed with delicate but recognizable essences. For example, many hotels choose to perfume thier sheets with clean scent that induces sleep.

Finally corridors and common areas. The advice of Tailor Made Fragrance? For these spaces the best solution are fragrances that evoke a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere.

 Personalized Fragrances for Spa and Hotels

Let's create the olfactory logo of your hotel with a personalized line of luxury perfumes

As proved by the olfactory marketing, fragrances capable of conveying sensations of well-being ensure the permanence of customers in a store. Since in the hotel industry what is sold is an experience located in a defined space, particular attention must be paid to the sensations evoked by the environments.

The identity of a hotel also depends on its olfactory logo. Choosing luxury perfumes will communicate a very specific image of your business. For this reason we have to focus on the choice of the perfect olfactory mix.

 Personalized Luxury Fragrances for Hotel and Spa

Tailor Made Fragrance: customized perfumes for your hotel

For those who want to create a line of luxury perfumes for their hotel, Tailor Made Fragrance has studied a selection of home fragrance diffusers that combine high quality fragrances and a packaging with elegant design.

Do you want to welcome your customers with luxurious, intense and enveloping fragrances? Discover The Jasmine, a fragrance that evokes precious oriental atmospheres and mixes woody and spicy notes with the sweetness of vanilla. The Woody is the ideal home fragrance to welcome each guest with a warm embrace, thanks to the mix of bergamot, patchouli and amber. The perfect solution for spa and common spaces of the most luxurious hotels.

For the hall of your hotel Tailor Made Fragrance recommends fresh and fragrant essences like The Garden. Its floral and citrus notes combine iris, rose, jasmine and lemon, which evoke the fresh sweetness of a summer garden. For a true floral explosion discover The Tulip, the perfect perfume to welcome your customers in a dreamlike atmosphere like a field of blooming tulips.

For hotel bedrooms you can opt for The Water, an aquatic-floral home fragrance based on mandarin, oleander and juniper notes. A mix that recalls the scents of a Mediterranean island out of time and induces a calm sensation of well-being.

Our advice? Create an original and stimulating path by choosing for each space a mix of different fragrances, all' built on the same base notes.

Tailor Made Fragrance - Home fragrances for hotels and resorts

What are you waiting for? Rely on Tailor Made Fragrance to create your hotel's olfactory brand and make every stay an unforgettable experience.

Choose the most suitable essences to welcome your customers in a welcoming and fragrant environment and give the right image to your hotel.

Discover our guide to create your luxury perfumes in a few simple steps or contact Tailor Made Fragrance for more information.

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