Give yourself the luxury of a custom perfume: with Tailor Made Fragrance it takes just a few clicks

Give yourself the luxury of a custom perfume: with Tailor Made Fragrance it takes just a few clicks

Who said that personalized perfumes are a luxury for the few? Discover how simple it is to create a custom perfume for your brand in just a few minutes with Tailor Made Fragrance!

With the new season we tend to renew ourselves. And why not start it personalizing your brand with a custom perfume?

According to the latest trends in the perfume industry, 2019 was the year of experimentation. Among these, molecular essences, which enhance skin’s natural smell with their minimal notes, unisex fragrances and layering certainly stand out. The layering technique uses the overlap of different perfumes to create unique and personalized blends.

All these new features point in one direction: personalization. But where to begin to create a custom perfume? Firstly, everything starts with an insight, an instinct that naturally pushes us towards a scent, and a feeling we want to convey.

Personalized fragrances: how to choose the best fragrance for your brand

A custom perfume must "talk" about your brand by expressing its vision and evoking the feelings you want in your customers. For this reason, if you are about to choose the best perfume for your brand it is essential to first understand what you want to communicate.

This is why we start from the olfactory notes, each of which hides more or less deep meanings, sometimes immediate but more often unexpected. Uniqueness, seduction, sensitivity or resourcefulness are just some of the many features that a perfume can evoke. The important thing is to choose the olfactory mix that best enhances your brand.


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One fragrance for every taste: discover all the Tailor Made Fragrance solutions for your brand custom perfume

In order to help you translate your brand into a perfume, Tailor Made Fragrance has created different olfactory combinations for every need, including feminine, male and unisex fragrances. Moreover, for each essence formulated by expert perfumers according to the latest trends of the market, you can discover the olfactory pyramid with top, heart and base notes. Tailor Made Fragrance expands its catalogue with many new fragrances to satisfy even the most demanding noses with unique and intoxicating scents.

The citrus and marine notes meet amber in Aquatic Green, an enveloping and intoxicating perfume that recalls the power of the sea. Brave Soul, a woody and fruity accord, enhances the strength and virility of modern man, while Intense Man is an intense fougère that speaks of seduction with its citrus and woody notes. For those looking for a timeless charm Tailor Made Fragrance suggests Classic Scent, a seductive and aromatic mix based on ginger, absinthe and leather. In conclusion, Oud Aroma best represents the luxury and exclusivity of natural oud, an essence both intense and precious.

Custom perfume for women: all the new proposals by Tailor Made Fragrance 

The feminine fragrances include, on the other hand, strong and romantic notes which best express the complexity of today's woman.

Thanks to its woody, amber and floral notes Amber Scent is the ideal perfume for bold women who are not afraid to dare. The oriental notes of Chypre Girl, instead, give an unexpectedly lively sensuality, thanks to the mix with bergamot, jasmine and patchouli fresh notes. Sunny Woman, with its floral and citrusy blend based on jasmine, ylang-ylang and bergamot, is the best choice for the sunniest and most extrovert women. Finally, Eastern Flower and Light Musk appeal to a feminine woman who is romantic but does not give up a touch of sensuality. The first is inspired by the delicacy of leather and rose to express a romantic and elegant femininity, while the second one mixes floral and musky notes to express timeless sweetness and sophistication.

Make your brand unique with a custom perfume

Are you looking for a way to make your brand, hotel or store unforgettable? Give your customers a unique emotion and decorate your space in an original way with a custom perfume and a stylish bottle. In our catalog you will find the best solutions for each category.

Didn't you find the perfume tailored to your brand? No problem! Tailor Made Fragrance has also thought about the needs of those looking for a fully customized perfume. Starting from a minimum of 2000 bottles of 100 ml or 4000 ml of 50 ml you can receive our team consultancy to create your own personalized fragrance for only 300 € + VAT

Custom perfume: from scent to packaging

profumi di lusso su misura

Today personalization is a growing trend, increasingly required by companies and retailers. Creating olfactory combinations that represent your brand in an unmistakable way is, in fact, essential for companies, stores, hotels and spa that want to stand out and make their customers' experience memorable with fragrances.

To make your olfactory trade mark even more original, all you have to do is choose the bottle and the design that best represent your brand.

Tailor Made Fragrance uses only the best raw materials and exclusively relies on expert and trusted partners. In this way we can provide you with sophisticated olfactory formulations, precious glass bottles and boxes with appealing graphics. Discover all the containers designed for each fragrance. Thanks to the wide assortment available in our catalogue you can fully customize your perfume.

Choose one of the graphics proposed or rely on our team to create a personalized one. If you can't find the best graphics for your needs, let’s discover our Design Service: an exclusive service for those who do not have a graphic team to customize their packaging.

What are you waiting for? Find out more about Tailor Made Fragrance customization service and start creating the custom perfume for your brand in just a few simple steps!

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