Interior design and Home Fragrance: how to make a space unique and personalized

Interior design and Home Fragrance: how to make a space unique and personalized

Perfume is part of everyone's daily life: who has ever not been excited by smelling the fragrance of a beloved person or the aroma of a flower or of a particular dish?

The connection between a particular smell and the emotional sphere is very close and from this union the concept of olfactory furniture comes to life. Your home or the office or shop where you are used to work are not only made of walls, furniture and objects but can be made unique and special thanks to scents that can remind us positive moments lived in the past. 

One of the most important aspects is the choice of the kind of scent: it is fundamental that the fragrance is in harmony with the surrounding environment but above all it is good to select the highest quality formulations that have a greater persistence. 

Lavender, lemon flowers and chamomile are the perfect essences for spaces where you can relax like the bedroom or living room, while citrus fragrances are a powerful odor eliminator, ideal for the kitchen.

For greater concentration in spaces such as the office, rosemary has properties that stimulate attention and purify the air as well as mint, mandarin and lemon.

Finally, it is important not to forget the choice of packaging: squared or rounded bottles, embellished with unique and design accessories are the ideal solution to catch the eye of your guests or customers.

A designer line of fragrances for unique spaces with Tailor Made Fragrance

Interior design and home fragrance

Every room has a fragrance that makes it unique: start creating a home fragrance line personalized with Tailor Made Fragrance in a few steps.

The first step is to choose the perfect fragrance for the spaces you want to furnish among the 5 different aromatic fragrances on our website. Elegant, sophisticated and relaxing will create a unique atmosphere, thanks to the precious aromas that compose them.

If you are undecided about the essence for your home fragrance collection, you can order the Discovery Kit, a box with 5 1.5 ml samples to test before placing your final order.

On the Tailor Made fragrance website, you can also personalise the fragrance with a designer bottle and complete it with elegant accessories, boxes and labels decorated with your own graphics and logo.

Discover the Tailor Made Fragrance world and start creating a unique and personalized home fragrance line, perfect to create an unforgettable atmosphere in any space.

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