Home Fragrances at the workplace: our tips to create a welcoming and productive work environment

Home Fragrances at the workplace: our tips to create a welcoming and productive work environment

Several market studies show that perfumes can influence our mood and the work environment. Imagine to have constantly  unpleasant smells under your nose, maybe too strong for your smell, and you cannot carry our your tasks at your best: this can affect your mood and productivity.

Thanks to Tailor Made Fragrance you can create an air freshener with wooden sticks, that can be personalised with a text or a graphics of your choice.  Creating your air fresheners is very simple: you need to choose a fragrance, combine the graphics of the label and of the box or tailor it with your text and logo. if you do not know what to choose, follow our tips about olfactory furniture we dealt in a previous article with.

Which fragrance to choose?

The workplace fragrance allows not just to make the air more breathable, but also helps make the workers more productive and at their ease. The best fragrances ro create a productive and stimulating workplace are those from nature, like from trees (pine, cypress, rosewood etc. ), but also fragrances such as lemon, lavender, orange, neroli, myrtle and mint. If you want to focus on productivity, choose bergamot, grapefruit and pine. For a relaxing work environment green light to laurel, juniper, litsea and lavender. Citrus fragrances are more appropriate for passageways, like halls or stairwells, or at the entrances.


home fragrances for workplace

Tailor Made Fragrance provides its customers the fragrance Woody, warm and wrapping, in which the appealing amber meets geranium and patchouli. If you close your eyes, you will be in a Scandinavian forest or in a Russian taiga. Among our products you can also choose the home fragrance The Garden, citrus floral, and The Tulip, floral, which evokes a blossoming tulip field.

Which bottle to use for your home fragrance?

Tailor Made Fragrance provides its customers bottles made of transparent, black and frosted glass in different sizes and finishes, perfect for the diffusion through sticks in order to perfume your workplace at the best.

Which capacity? 100 ml? 200 ml?

It strongly depends on the square footage of the room to be perfumed. The 100 ml bottles are suitable for small or medium rooms like toilets, utility rooms or small offices; in bigger rooms it is better to use 200 ml bottles.

To personalise or not to personalise your bottle?

The answer is a big yes!

Tailor Made Fragrance allows you to personalise your bottle for home fragrances.  Without any label or box the bottle you will choose will remain totallu anonymous: personalising your product with your graphics and logo you will render your air freshener unique!

Where to put our bottles for personalised home fragrances?

customized home fragrances for workplace

Tailor Made Fragrance offers mainly  personalised air fresheners with sticks for your home and workplace. Due to their aesthetic component they are ideal to put in plain sight as ornament: green light to bottles on desks, in the toilets and on the canteen tables. Another way to perfume the rooms is to create a personalised fragrance and to spray it directly in the corners or on the curtains, but you should be sure that no stains are left. Since the perfume tends to rise, it would ideal to put the air freshener on a shelf whose height is not blocked by other shelves. To enhance the fragrance you should invert the sticks once a week, so that the room could be pervaded again by the fragrance.

Remember that an air freshener decorate twice: not only does it perfume the rooms, but also it is a piece of furniture on your desks. So, personalise your bottle to make it unique and original!

Tailor Made Fragrance team guaranteed professionalism and quality for a tailor made perfumery. Do not hesitate to contact us for any information or need!

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