Home fragrance: discover all the secrets with Tailor Made Fragrance

Home fragrance: discover all the secrets with Tailor Made Fragrance

The choice of the home fragrance requires the same attention and care that we put into the choice of our body perfume. Whether it is your own home, wellness centre or hotel, the home fragrance helps to give a unique and personal touch to the environment. As we have already said about home fragrances at workplace, perfumers condition our mood, making the environment also a better place to work.

Let's discover now the secrets behind selecting the perfect home fragrance.

Home fragrance: effects on memory

As Victor Hugo said, 'nothing awakens a reminiscence like an odor'.

Different studies show that our brain can memorize smells based on the experiences and discoveries in which the smell itself is perceived. The sense of smell leaves in our psyche an indelible mark that allows us to recognize things or relive moments just through the scent. Olfactory memories are never erased and their strength is linked to the importance given to the situation to which the small is associated. And it is precisely on this that the olfactory marketing is based.

Olfactory marketing is a branch of sensory marketing that exploits the sense of smell, the most persuasive sense, to increase brand awareness. In addition, olfactory marketing helps to create a one-to-one product-consumer relationship. With the right home fragrance, you can influence the emotions associated with the product itself, increasing the likelihood of purchase by the consumer.

Home fragrance: olfactory furniture

Profumazione ambienti: scopri tutti i segreti con Tailor Made Fragrance

Olfactory furniture means the perception of the home fragrance as part of the room in which it is located. The scent becomes part of the furniture, making the space unique and welcoming. Home fragrances can be used to relax customers, stimulate their senses, encourage their stay or even to b remembered. One strategy is, in fact, to use the same home fragrance in the different points of sale, creating the so-called olfactory logo.

By choosing the right home fragrance for sponsored or company-related events, you help to evoke an emotional response from the public that will automatically be triggered by the smell on the product itself or in the store where they sell it.

Tips for the right home fragrance

The secret lies in finding the smell that best fits your corporate image.

The first thing to do is to choose the target clientele. For example, if you want to choose the right home fragrance for your hotel, this should make customers feel at home or if you want to perfume your wellness centre, the fragrance should be welcoming and relaxing.

The seasonality of odours must also be taken into account. This refers to the fact that there is a tendency to associate particular odours with certain periods of the year. Indeed, we all link the scent of cinnamon and orange to the winter season and Christmas period.

The experts then suggest three simple points to keep in mind:

  • keep up to date with the latest news in the field: the home fragrance sector is constantly evolving, with solutions that are increasingly useful for the development of your brand;
  • make the home fragrance part of the store and make sure that nothing, from the colours to the design of the space, is discordant;
  • remember that the home fragrance not only must be the right one but also in the right quantity. This is because excessive scenting can be invasive and annoying, causing the opposite effect: to drive customers away.

Home fragrances : our proposals

Among the different fragrances, Tailor Made Fragrance offers:

  • The Jasmine: a precious and sensual home fragrance, it represents the meeting of woody and spicy notes with the sweetness of vanilla and musk.
  • The Woody: a home fragrance warm and enveloping, in which the endearing amber is married to the geranium and to the patchouli.
  • The Garden: citrus floral home fragrance, where iris and jasmine dress themselves with lemon and coumarin, recalling the sweetness of summer garden.
  • The Tulip: aromatic floral home fragrance, which evokes a field of flowering tulips.
  • The Water: a home fragrance with a sea breeze, recalls the perfume of a Mediterranean island out of time, a place of calm and peace.

Each home fragrance is then associated with the respective olfactory pyramid where the various olfactory notes are divided into top notes, heart notes and base notes. Each note represents the odours that are part of the same group according to the evaporation rate.

Profumazione ambienti - marketing olfattivo

The choice of fragrance is fundamental, which is why Tailor Made Fragrance offers, among its samples, the Discovery Fragrance Kit. The kit contains five 1.5 ml samples of the home fragrances described above.

How to create your own home fragrance with Tailor Made Fragrance

Come creare la tua profumazione ambienti c

Tailor Made Fragrance allows customers to create their own home fragrance. In addition to the recommended home fragrances, you can also request a personalised one. You then move on to the choice of the bottle. We offer glass bottles of different sizes and usable for reed fragrance diffusion. After having chosen the cache available in different shapes and colours, the customer can select the colour of the sticks (natural, black, white) and view a preview of his or her home fragrance. To give a further personal touch you can create your own graphics, as well as select from the labels proposed. To complete the home fragrance, you can also customize the case.


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