Fragrances 2019: the latest market trends

Fragrances 2019: the latest market trends

Enveloping and intoxicating, the perfume represents the final touch of your look that you can't give up.

The fragrances we use speak about us, tell our personality and for this reason more and more Italian consumers love to spray the perfume during their daily life, before going to work or a special evening, to be always in order and feel good with themselves.

In 2018 more than 1 billion euro was spent on fragrances for women and men, which recorded, respectively, an increase of 4% and 4.5% compared to the previous year. Among the most popular essences are those based on natural ingredients but also those enriched with woody, spicy notes and fresh citrus, perfect for the arrival of summer.

Fresh Citrus Fragrances

Among the most common trends in 2019 is layering, a real art that consists in mixing and overlapping the fragrances in order to create a personal combination, a unique and original fragrance.

The objective of layering is to combine several perfumes to intensify a fragrance that has a poor duration or attenuate it when it is too powerful.

Make your fragrance based on the latest market trends with Tailor Made Fragrance

Tailor Made Fragrance allows you to create your perfumes line online, quickly and easily from just 24 pieces.

The first step is the choice of the fragrance: on the site there are male, female and unisex perfumes created by master perfumes through the mixing of precious essences. 

To make easier the selection of the ideal perfume, you can identify the olfactory family you prefer: in addition to the woody and floral notes, there are musky, amber, fruity, aromatic scents.

If you are undecided, Tailor Made Fragrance offers the opportunity to test the different formulations with discovery kits, boxes with five 1.5 ml fragrances.

Discovery kit Tailor Made Fragrance

When you place your first order you will receive a discount code for the same amount as the kit.

Once you have chosen the fragrance, the next step is to select the packaging: discover the wide range of bottles, available in different sizes, which can be combined with unique and elegant accessories.

Finally, with Tailor Made Fragrance you can further customize your fragrance with cases and labels with texts or logos.

Let Tailor Made Fragrance inspire you and create a unique line of personalised and original fragrances! 


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