Thousand meanings of flowers: floral fragrances, a timeless trend

Thousand meanings of flowers: floral fragrances, a timeless trend

Intense, intoxicating but also delicate and enveloping at the same time, the scent of flowers is one of the olfactory elements that most fascinates people. For this reason, floral fragrances are among the most loved since ever: their refined and sensual notes set in motion sensations, emotions every day.

Each flower conceals a meaning dating back the Middle Ages: during these years people began to communicate their personality and feelings that could not be freely expressed by giving these wonderful plants as a gift.

Among the most meaningful flowers, there is undoubtedly the rose which expresses love, passion but above all elegance, while if you want to infuse purity and wisdom, the perfect essence is based on iris.

Even jasmine is widely used in the language of love and is an omen of happiness and positivity. If, on the other hand, you have an enigmatic personality, freesia is an intriguing flower, a symbol of mystery and fascination for the unknown.

Defined as the rose without thorns, peony communicates beauty, romance and prosperity while ivy is the emblem of friendship, loyalty and affection.

A floral fragrances line with Tailor Made Fragrance

Create a fragrances line with your favorite flowers for your brand, for a special occasion or as a gift: Tailor Made Fragrance offers you the opportunity to create a perfume that completely satisfies your tastes and needs by choosing from a wide selection of refined fragrances based on floral notes.

Floral fragrances

The delicate aroma of The Blossom, the romantic and irresistible Eastern Flower or the classic and aromatic The Man are just some of the feminine and masculine essences, in our site, enriched with floral bouquets. 

To complete your fragrance, you can also select the packaging of your choice. The bottles proposed by Tailor Made Fragrance are made in different shapes and sizes and are distinguished by the high quality materials and the unmistakable design.

Finally, to make your perfumes unique and original, you can also combine personalized boxes and labels with your logos and graphics.

To discover the product quality,  you can request a sample before proceeding with the production order: its cost will be discounted in your next purchase.

In a few simple steps you will have the opportunity to create a unique, personalized and high quality fragrances line.

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