Fashion and fragrances: an indissoluble pair

Fashion and fragrances: an indissoluble pair

Fashion and perfumes are two universes that have always been intertwined and live an indissoluble bond. Throughout history, many designers have created lines of unique fragrances to communicate their brand even at the olfactory level.

The first who sensed the close link between these two worlds was the designer Paul Poiret who in 1911 began to produce fragrances that bore his name.

Ten years later, Coco Chanel also created the most beloved fragrance ever, Chanel No. 5. 

In a short time it became the best-selling perfume, becoming the main revenue of the French Maison. This trend did not stop even in the years of the Second World War: American soldiers queued to buy the iconic squared bottle.

These two famous examples have generated a union between fashion and fragrances that over time has become increasingly stronger: today, in fact, most of the perfumes are produced by companies in the fashion industry.

As Cosmetica Italia points out, in recent years the perfumery sector has not declined, on the contrary, it has recorded continuous growth, reaching a turnover of 1,100 million Euros in Italy.

In addition, perfume has become a much loved object because it is able to express the personality and emotionality of each one. 

For these reasons, many famous fashion houses continue to create fragrances collections that bear their name, giving everyone the opportunity to buy a luxury item at an affordable price.

Realize a fragrance for your fashion brand with Tailor Made Fragrance

Tailor Made Fragrance offers you the opportunity to create online a complete line of perfumes for your brand in a few simple steps.

Realize a fragrance for your brand with Tailor Made Fragrance

The first step is to choose the fragrance: on the website you will find a selection of fragrances for men, women or unisex that can meet all your needs. 

If you prefer to test the different fragrances, require the Discovery Kit: you will receive 5 1.5 ml spray samples in an elegant box that also includes the mouillettes.

Discovery Kit

The second step involves the choice of packaging: Tailor Made Fragrance offers a wide variety of packs in different sizes, which can be combined with refined accessories that will enhance the essences.

Finally, it will be possible to complete the pack with boxes and labels to be personalised with the logo and graphics of your brand.

Find out the world of Tailor Made Fragrance and create the fragrance that best describes your brand.


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