Fresh, fruity and floral: summer perfumes by Tailor Made Fragrance for the next season

Fresh, fruity and floral: summer perfumes by Tailor Made Fragrance for the next season

Perfumery art is a refined and sophisticated art. This is both about the trade and about people wearing a fragrance. A perfume is the best accessory a person can wear. It's invisible but it's one of the first detail we detect. It can fascinate us or push us away: it convey a lot about the person who's wearing it. But perfumes are not all the same! They change according to the trends, to our personal taste, but above all, to the season! Every season brings with it big news but we winter fragrances tend to be warm, enveloping and intense; the summer ones, on the contrary, light, fresh and sour. About this, Tailor Made Fragrance has chosen summer perfumes designed by its experts, out of the most precious essences. The citrus and the salty sea notes are mixed with great accuracy to get fresh, fruity and floral perfumes!

Now, let's go to find out the new products ideal for the summer season coming!

Fresh, fruity and floral: summer perfumes by Tailor Made Fragrance for the next season

From bergamotto to jasmin: summer perfumes for her, for him or both of them?

To make your special occasion truly unique, giving away a perfume to your guests is a perfect idea! Indeed, thank to the two senses- smell and sight- you can present your guest with an original and captivating gift. For your female guests, Tailor Made Fragrance has designed a new fragrance, summery also in its name: Sunny Woman! It's a perfume inspired by brave and passionate women. It has floral, green and fruity notes with a heart of sensual and embracing jasmine, together with citrus fruits and bergamotto. And what about men? Acquatic green! A fragrance that can evoke the beauty of the sea. It gives a feeling of great freshness in which the bergamot and lemon notes open the scent to the salty sea aroma.

But there's more! Tailor Made Fragrance offers a selection of unisex perfumes, too. They are suitable both for her and for him, so for that, they are ideal to give away as a gift of an event. The sea is a perfume with a grey amber heart. This originates from the depths of the ocean and gives the fragrance a pure and cristalline freshness. On the contrary, The join with its green notes followed by jasmin, it's a very refreshing perfume: ideal for summer, simple and universal!

Perfume of summer your events!

A perfume build a link between occasion and fragrance, inviting sentiments and memories. For this reason, Tailor Made Fragrance offers a selection of home fragrances ideal for your wellness and beauty center o for your hotel. A home fragrance gives an extra touch that makes the atmosphere original, captivating and refreshing. One of the summer perfume we designed for these occasion is The water. It opens with mandarin, lemon and bergamotto notes into floral notes of flower orange and white oleander. The outcome will make people dream recalling the perfume of a Mediterranean island out of time.

customized summer perfumes

All this also applies to your occasions: your events or your ceremonies! You can use a summer home fragrance to play around with the vibe of your location. Or you can give away to your guests a perfume for persons or for their home to leave them with a pleasant and elegant memory of that special occasion! In that case, an ideal choice would be The garden: an home fragrance recalling a summer garden. It's a citrus floral perfume in which lemon notes are added to jasmin and iris ones.

customizd summer perfumes for events

Perfumes with a summer packaging!

So far, we were only talking about the scents and their notes. But that's not all! Tailor Made Fragrance let you make your perfume summery even in the bottle and box! So, you can impress your guests with a unique decorative accent: make your occasion special by having your name on every bottle and box! Or, if you have chosen a home fragrance, your customized product will adorn a room in an original and captivating way! On our website you will be guided in the making of your totally customized item! You will be able to choose not only bottles or accessories, but graphics for labels and boxes, too! Hence, playing around with the blue of sea and the yellow of lemon you can create an ideal packaging for your summer perfumes! Moreover, you can add your brand logo to the graphics, if you are a company.

Tailor Made Fragrance is here for you!

Do you feel not satisfied with the fragrances we offer or do you want to test them or to evaluate the final outcome of your custom perfume? Tailor Made Fragrance provides you with its experts to help you making a custom fragrance, just for you! So, you can get a customized perfume in according to your way of being and to your taste: you'll be able to use the smell to convey who you are! Even more, we have come up with the Discovery Fragrance Kit with spray samples 1.5 ml. These are samples to give you the chance to smell the fragrances available on our website. The kit, nevertheless, gives you the chance to evaluate a pre-production sample to see the final product you created. The sample includes packaging and graphics customized by you, so you'll be able to evaluate it before placing a bulk order.

summer customized sample fragrances

With Tailor Made Fragrance you'll be able to realize your totally customized perfume in a few click and to save your time in a simple way. Visit our website to get useful information about how we work and to keep up to date on the latest trends, or contact our team if you need any further information. We will be happy to help you!

And remember: Tailor Made Fragrance stands for quality and is committed to offers you the best possible service! We use only the best raw materials, from the essences to the boxes, and we strive to discover the ideal solution to provide our customers an efficient service and satisfy them!

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