Customized perfumes for man: the best ideas for your Christmas gifts

Customized perfumes for man: the best ideas for your Christmas gifts

A perfume is the accessory that shows what you really are. A perfume stands for curiosity, seduction, charm but above all personality. No matter who you wish to be, having a perfume, you will inevitably become it. During the most joyous period of the year, even more customers, companies, wellness and beauty centers or hotels gift the customized perfume, also for man, of Tailor Made Fragrance as to describe or make happy a loved one or a trusted person.

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift

Customized perfumes for man

At the time before Christmas one chooses to be better, gives an account of the last years, sets goals for the next year and admires all Christmas lights in the city. Yet, all days before Christmas are always characterized by the frantic search for the perfect Christmas gift for loved ones.

Every year people run out of ideas. As a result, Google is bombarded with questions like "Which is the best Christmas gift for man or woman?" or "Which are Christmas gifts of this year?". Thousand of articles offer a wide selection of products in any sector, such as clothing, electronics and technology, home design, cosmetics, perfumery and so on.

This year you can opt for an original and mainly customized gift. With Tailor Made Fragrance you can make your customized perfume online, fast and easy. Here's how it works: you may choose from a selection of different fragrances expertly developed in accordance with the current trends. Moreover, you will have the possibility to select bottles in different sizes and match the most suitable accessories, such as pump or capsule and so on. And what is more you can create and print a box or label with a customized text or your brand logo.

Telling a story with customized perfume for man.

No matter if the gift will be intended for your beloved, a trusted partner or a special customer, a customized perfume for man is a good choice to tell a story. There are scents for the businessman, the dreamer, the creative man, the cynical man, the fashion man and the rude one.

In autumn winter 2019/2020 intense, sensual and warm notes for male perfumes represent the new trends of the year. These are enveloping fragrances with citrus, balsamic, spicy and pepate notes associated with traditional and revolutionary ingredients, such as patchouli, amber, oak moss, sweet apple, grapefruit or black pepper.

The best Tailor Made Fragrance for customized perfumes for man.

So if you are looking for an original and special gift, Tailor Made Fragrance gives the chance to make surprising customized perfumes for man thanks to label and box with a customized test or a Christmas design. All customized perfumes for man of Tailor Made Fragrance are divided according their olfacory families and notes.


Customized perfumes for man as Christmas gift

Some of the most suitable fragrances of perfume for man in the winter season may be:

  • Brave Soul, an ambery woody and spicy fragrance that celebrates strenght, courage and success. It is characterized by the fruity freshness of bergamot and the sweet apple; by the sweet aroma of juniper and rosemary and at last, by the harmony of oak moss and patchouli.  
  • Intense Man, a spicy, leather and woody fragrance that represents the seduction. It catches the sense with a cocktail of head notes, mixing the energy of tangerine and grapefruit, and a pungent note of pepper. In the heart, fresh incence envelopes geranium flower. Finally, patchouli with amber and guaiaco wood give and intense masculine sensuality with seduces without compromise.
  • The Man, a citrus and aromatic fragrance. It's a timeless classic male fragrance. Intrepid and aromatic, simple and fresh, a perfect combination of fresh Mediterranean citrus fruit notes, of vetiver and of woody chords typically masculine. An elegant, sophisticated and distinctive fragrance.

 Customized perfumes for man: the best ideas for your Christmas gifts

For the most indecisive customers, Tailor Made Fragrance offers some Discovery Fragrance Kits of the first man collection and the second man collection, which contain five spray samples 1,5 ml of all male fragrances. And what is more, for every purchase of sample set, a discount code of equivalent amount on your next fragrance purchase is offered.

Anyone you want to surprise, make it with originality. Rely on the experts of Tailor Made Fragrance in order to create a customized perfume for man to 360° as a Christmas gift for loved ones and trusted people around you.


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