Home fragrances to communicate your brand identity

Home fragrances to communicate your brand identity

When "fragrance" rhymes with "emotion", communicating your brand identity becomes a matter of smell. So let's find out how home fragrances can transform environments and give your store an unmistakable imprint.

After talking about olfactory memory now we know that smell is the most evocative sense because it touches the emotional and experiential areas of the brain. In fact, fragrances act at an unconscious level on the limbic system, the area of ​​the brain that controls emotions, mood and behaviors. In this way perfumes involve people without them noticing it, but still developing a unique and long lasting sensorial experience.

Fragrances, thanks to their ability to remain impressed in memory for longer than other sensory experiences, have a strong evocative power. A pleasant memory spontaneously produces emotional bonds: for example, human memory can store over 10,000 scents but only 200 different colors.
Several neuromarketing researches has revealed that perfumes are excellent means of communication, because they create an unforgettable memory from a positive experience. As a result, rediscovering a perfume linked to a particular experience awakens the same emotions that we experienced on that occasion. For these reasons, smell is the most exploited sense to build an effective multi-sensorial marketing strategy.

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Olfactory marketing and home fragrances: how to associate a fragrance with your brand

Home fragrances do not only create pleasant experiences. They can also evoke the style and the character of a company and its target. For this reason, for several years, more and more companies have understood the importance of creating their olfactory logo: a key element to add value to the brand and make it immediately recognizable.

There are two ways to spread your olfactory brand:

  • Olfactory marketing creates a relationship between product and consumer with direct and short-term actions
  • Home fragrances, instead, aims to create the perfect atmosphere in the environment where the scent is spread. It creates a relationship between the environment and the consumer that exploits the multi-sensorial impact that a place can inspire.

In stores and other places home fragrances are specifically designed to positively influence consumers. In fact, the customer perceives the fragrance as an integral part of the environment, in combination with lighting, furniture, design and background sounds.

Home fragrances: when perfumes aim for the client's nose

Choosing a home fragrance for your store may seem complex, especially because some fragrances are commonly associated with specific seasons. For example, cinnamon and orange commonly evoke winter and the Christmas time, while citrusy or floral fragrances are more suitable for summer.

In any case, home fragrances are the best way to create a pleasant atmosphere and connect with customers' emotional state.

Fragrances not only affect mood, but can even influence the shopping experience. Several studies have shown that, for example, room fragrances make consumers more inclined to talk and interact with products. In addition, a good scent can induce a feeling of well-being that invites you to stay longer in a specific place. In this way the olfactory marketing reaches the first, fundamental step towards customer loyalty.

Every room, from shops to hotel rooms, from waiting rooms to the hall of a hotel, is thus transformed from simple transit areas to places of pleasant stay where customers will wish to come back again in the future.

But a home fragrance is much more than a pleasant scent. Depending on the essence and the context where it is diffused, it can arouse feelings of well-being and relaxation, joy, vitality, but also freshness and cleanliness. Therefore it becomes essential to find the scent that best suits your environment.

If choosing a fragrance for your brand can be complicated, Tailor Made Fragrance has created a selection of home fragrances capable of inspiring the right sensations in your target users.

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How to choose the best home perfumes for your brand?

First of all it is important to understand how a perfume is born and how its different "notes" work. These notes, which are distinguished by the evaporation speed of the essential oil in contact with the air, are divided into top notes, heart notes and base notes and belong to different olfactory families:

  • Top notes, being the first to be perceived, must have an energizing and stimulating aroma. Citrusy essences, with bergamot and lavender, are the most suitable to involve the senses and give a positive first impression of an environment.
  • Hearth intermediate notes are perceived immediately after the first ones. These full, enveloping and sensual essences act on an emotional level, helping to awaken deep sensations and to create the dominant character of the fragrance. These are mostly fruity or floral notes, often combined with the scents of the oriental-amber family. What's the result? An enveloping feeling of vitality and positive vibes.
    Instead, from the mix of flowery fragrances and woody notes we can get home fragrances that bring serenity and wellness. The most intense scents of the wood family, like the dry woods, give a touch of class to the most sophisticated places.
  • Base notes are the last to emerge but they persist for a long time and slowly evaporate. Their intense and spicy aroma suggests a feeling of well-being and relaxation. The woody notes, with fresh and oriental nuances, are mainly used for their soothing and relaxing effect. Fresh notes are associated with sensations of clean air that evokes natural, green or marine landscapes. Bergamot, lavender and musk are vivid and fresh notes halfway between the fresh and the woody ones.
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For each fragrance a specific emotion

A strong olfactory personality allows to distinguish your brand from competitors, but above all to make it unforgettable over time.

For a precious and sensual place, Tailor made Fragrance has created The Jasmine, the perfect match between woody and spicy notes, vanilla and musk. The Woody is ideal for a warm and enveloping environment, while The Garden and The Tulip recall the sweetness of a summer garden thanks to their green, floral and citrusy notes. Finally, The Water, based on mandarin, bergamot and orange blossom, evokes the marine freshness of a timeless Mediterranean island: the best choice for those places that want to convey calm and tranquility.

Tailor Made Fragrance provides a line of home fragrances to make your users' experience really unique. All the fragrances, formulated by expert perfumers in line with the latest market trends, are completed with a wide range of bottles with woody sticks that gradually spread the scent, and also labels and boxes personalized with your own design and logo.

Remember: with the Discovery Fragrance Kit you can receive the samples of all our fragrances to find out which one works best for your brand.

Discover all the home fragrances available on Tailor Made Fragrance's website and start to create your own line of perfume diffusers to enhance your store or brand.

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