Eau de parfum or eau de toilette? All the curiosities about fragrance world

Eau de parfum or eau de toilette? All the curiosities about fragrance world

A fragrance is the perfect accessory to evoke emotions, memories or simply trigger attraction. The universe that runs around the intriguing world of fragrances is by now extensive, so it is advisable to illustrate some basic knowledge. Depending on its characteristics a perfume can be named: eau de cologne, eau de toilette or eau de parfum.

With Tailor Made Fragrance you can realize the dream of every perfumer: create your own perfum, choosing the  ingredients and personalize graphic and packaging to show your personality. In this article we'll dive into the inebriating world of fragrance to discover curiosities and unknown facts.

Eau de parfum orcustomized eau de toilette?

Fragrance: the perfect accessories

"Nothing awakens a reminescence like an odor"

(Victor Hugo)

Before diving into the world of olfaction it is necessary to explain how such a simple but at the same time elaborate process is behind creating a fragrance. The world perfume comes from  latin word "per fumum" and it recalls the use of the roman to burn substances that release good smell through smoke.

A parfume is composed of  raw materials known as essence chosen specifically for their olfactory properties. The nature of the components can be animal or vegetal according to the scent you are seeking. Initially the raw materials used to create fragrances were completely natural, now they are producted synthetically. This is not a downside in fact this increases the longevity and preservation of the same product.

How to create a fragrance

The trinomial of distilled water, natural alcohol and essences is the starting point for any so called scent formulation, with the mixture of 30 to 80 elements for a single creation of aroma. Once the raw materials are chosen they are going to create essences, after mixing them to develop the fragrance, they are poured and diluted in the alcohol.

If you are looking for a scent to fully express your personality, your brand or a specific event, Tailor Made Fragrance suits your needs. In few passages, you can realize an entire line of fragrances for him, for her or unisex or customizable home fragrance starting from 100 pieces.

The first passage is the choice of the scent: it is possible to select one of the 25 references for him, her or unisex and 5 home fragrances. Finally creating a unique and captivating packaging draws attentions, attribute value and show care to details of the product. Choosing beneath different boxes, labels with logo and graphic enables you to create a unique and unforgettable packaging.


Eau de toilette: fragrances

The production is based on a careful accord of the selected ingredients to bring life to a product where the constituting components are in harmony between them. The scents created by the essences accord are mainly 7: citrusy, floreal, fougère, ambery or oriental, boise, chypre, leathery. These kind of scents fit well with specific season and time of the year in fact in winter season hot and  strong oriental and ambery scents are preferable while for summer it's better citrusy and floreal fragrances for a fresh touch. The production techniques of fragrances are different: extraction of the essential oil through distillation of three types: vapor, fractionation and molecular. For fruits and citrus fruit, maceration and pressing are utilized but also in general solvents.

Eau de toilette and parfume: natural essence

Starting from the Nineteenth century fragrances are categorized according to a musical criterion, the notes are represented by essences depending on the degree of volatility.

A useful tool to describe the composition of a perfume is the olfactory pyramid with ingredients placed on 3 levels according to evaporation. There are tre kind of notes:head, heart and base that can last minutes, hours and days.

The fragrances from Tailor Made Fragrance catalogue are formulated by expert perfumers following the market trend, described with the olfactory pyramid to help you chose. Based on the quantity of essence the scent can be divided in eau de:

  • Cologne, inferior to 5%
  • Toilette, between 6 and 9 %
  • Parfum, between 10 and 19%
  • Profumo, 20 % or more

From a purely economic point of view the eau de toilette is more expensive than the cologne but cheaper than the parfum. To avoid wasting the product, we link you a previous article with tips to make the fragrances last longer. Obviously the choice of a scent it is very personal and depends on your taste and preferences but there formulation that can appeal a vast majority of people.

Eau de parfum or eau de toilette? All the curiosities about fragrance world

Fragrance and fashion: an indissoluble bond

" A woman who doesn't wear a perfume has no future"

(Coco Chanel)

Behind the success of certain fragrances there is a great "nose" which is a perfumer that thanks to his olfactory abilities can find new formulations. Fashion brands often compete for these figure who can turn a scent into a public and critique success.

The firm relation between fashion and fragrance is not recent but a long and profitable tradition, just consider accomplishments like Chanel n°5 by Coco Chanel or in recent times Dior Sauvage by Francois Demachy. We have already presented the powerful tool of the olfactory marketing to effect the buying process and brand identity.

Many fashion corporations creates fragrances with their brand and make them available to purchase to a wide public, fascinated by the mysterious world of fragrances. Researchers have also find out that some perfumers are characterised by a neurological condition called synesthesia that improves coupling between senses.

Tailor Made Fragrance

Still not convinced? You can get the Discovery Fragrance Kit to help you, in fact it contains 5 samples of 1,5 ml size of Tailor Made Fragrance scents. Discover how to create your own personal. So Choose our home fragrance or personalized scents while customizing logo, label and packaging only on Tailor Made Fragrance!

Finally it is advisable to keep you informed on the latest news of the industry,in this regard our blog can be useful.

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