Custom perfumes for spas and wellness centres: total relaxation for your nose and your mind

Custom perfumes for spas and wellness centres: total relaxation for your nose and your mind

Spas and wellness centres are the perfect places for those who want to take a break, forget the problems and relax. These facilities allow you to rejuvenate in relax with therapies for your body and your mind in an environment surrounded by wellness.

Many are the factors that affect the positive effect of a stay in a Spa, but the most important are those who stimulate the five senses, among which the sense of smell is one of the most powerful and effective in terms of evocation of emotions and memories.

Tailor Made Fragrance is specialized in custom perfumes and allows you to create a line of fragrance for your Spa or wellness centre. Choose the fragrance, the packaging e other details that will give to your guests a unique experience.

The effects of aromatherapy on your wellness

Aromatherapy takes care of the rejuvenating effects of smells, studying which are the essences are the most suitable to arouse wellness sensations in a particular environment.

The first therapeutic application of smells is the intensification of memory: an aroma can reproduce images of the past that arouse positive emotions, encouraging relaxation and mental wellness. Aromas also have an anti-stress function, allowing to relax e forget the daily problems.

Finally, smells have specific properties that can produce positive effects on a physical level, solving medical problems, and on a psychic level. Examples of these fragrances we have lavender, which has calming properties and is lenitive for physical complaints, or thyme, that alleviates anxiety and stress. We discussed the benefic effects of aromatherapy in another article on our blog.

Custom perfumes for spas and wellness centres

Aromas can be combined in an essence with multiple positive effects, composing a fragrance with many facets. Tailor Made Fragrance lets you create your custom perfume offering different aromatic combinations that optimally match different types of environment.

Smells act at the subconscious level, arousing emotions and intense moods, creating unique cosy atmospheres and if properly used they can amplify the benefic effects of the treatments. So Spas and wellness centres can exploit the potentialities of aromas to make the give to your clients an unmistakable experience.

Aromas and wellness: a combination dedicated to relaxation

As we have said, perfumes encourage the effect of wellness treatments, arousing emotions and take you to a sensory journey that allows to improves our mood, producing physical and mental positive effects.

Spas are the best locations in terms of relaxation and self-care and its customers experience a wellness sensation when they are in an environment where every aspect is in harmony with the others. When you plan the environments that will be used for the treatments, it's important to consider aromatherapy and choose a fragrance in accordance with the function and the benefits that the environment promises.

Choosing the ideal fragrance for your environment is important to offer your customers a unique experience.

 Custom perfumes for spas

The unique experience of a custom perfume

The choice of fragrance is a crucial step in creating positive experiences. Tailor Made Fragrance lets you create your custom perfumes for Spas to make the experience in the structure unique and unforgettable.

When choosing a fragrance, you have to consider what kind of environment you are going to use it in. With our custom service, you will be able to choose between five room fragrances, results of the combination of precious aromas. Each fragrance is perfectly suitable for any different Spa environments and contributes to the wellness of the guests. If you are still undecided about which fragrance is the best for you environments, you can have the Tailor Made Fragrance sampling kit, a box set with all our fragrances so you can try them and choose your favorite.

If you want to give to your guests a 360° experience we have custom perfumes for the person. The man, woman and unisex fragrances allow your customers to take home the emotions and sensations experienced in the Spa, encouraging them to come back.

The customization is not just about the fragrance, but continues with the packaging. With Tailor Made Fragrance you can chose between some formats e designs, from the container to the cap, and also the sticks if you are choosing a room fragrance.

Finally, it is possible to customize the design of the case and labels with your company logo, or a brand new design thanks to our Design Service. Tailor Made Fragrance design experts will take care of the creation of an effective design to tell about your wellness centre history and identity.

In few simple steps, you can create your custom perfume for your Spa of a wellness centre and you will be able to sell it or give it as a gift to your guests.

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