Custom-made fragrances: what are the most suitable perfume bottles for any need?

Custom-made fragrances: what are the most suitable perfume bottles for any need?

Every fragrance shows a certain personality. It can evoke wellness, relax, freshness or it can turn your senses on with enchanting notes. This is a powerful means of communication for the people around us. This is the reason why it's important to find the right fragrance which can fit like a dress and convey our idenity as best as it can. Many companies have understood the importance of this olfactory mechanism by investing in home fragrances, for example.

However, as for any good product, it's not just the content which has to strike the public. The design plays an essential role as well, by creating an aesthetic shape in harmony with the emotions and the identity you want to convey, whether about yourself or your brand. So, how can you recognize the best perfume bottles to satify your needs? The design of the bottle catches the eye of the customer combining with the pleasant essence it contains.

Tailor Made Fragrance is a reference point in the beauty industry, the perfect partner for your customized fragrance line. Thanks to a ten-years experience and high italian quality raw materials, our experts are willing to guide you for every need, from the choice of the fragrance to the packaging.

The most trendy perfume bottles of the last years

trendy perfumes bottles

Perfume bottles, with their elegant and refined design, are something more than just containers. When the marketing works on the synesthesia to stimulate more than one sense, it creates visual shapes which convey the ideas perceived by the smell. Some of these products have such an efficient design that they are not featurless anymore and they catch the attention of the public.

  1. KKW Body. The Italian contemporary artist Vanessa Beecroft reproduced a cast of the body of Kim Kardashian to launch the personal fragrance of the famous star. It's an homage to the femininity which recalls the Venus of Milo on one hand and a curvy paleolithic sculpture on the other hand.
  2. Les Parfums. It's a Louis Vuitton line inspired by travel and signed by the Australian designer Marc Newson. It includes simple products with a wide range of colours, from desert sand to stormy grey, moving to beige cashmere and blue green. Cold zinc-plated metal initials LV are carved on the cap.
  3. Dot. This bottle comes from the personal passion of the Japanese fashion designer Rei Kawakubo for white flowers of Osmanthus and it contains a fragrance of Comme des Garçons.
  4. Black Orchid. The Lalique Edition of the black orchid by the stylist and director Tom Ford offers a very intense mix of jasmine, gardenia, lemon and bergamot. The bottle is elegantly grooved by the renowned glass art company founded by René Lalique.
  5. Totem. This violet glass bottle, created for Kenzo, recalls the shape of a small Native American totem because it wants to convey the typical tribal membership of young people, through a primitive and monolithic design.
  6. Essence. To convert a bottle into a long-lasting work of art: why not? This was the idea of Ross Lovegrove for Narciso Rodriguez. His stylistic choice strikes you with its lines and the mirror effect inside, which is a little conceptual.
  7. Soft Tension. Its aromas and shapes are inspired by the Nortic arid landscapes, according to the idea of the Icelandic Andrea Maack. Freesia and musk notes evoke a mysterious fog, within a minimal design.

Be inspired by these impressive perfume bottles.

Create your perfumes with the Fragrance Wheel

The Fragrance Wheel is a very useful tool for the classification and composition of perfumes, as described in a previous article. Different fragrances can share common traits which connect them to a specific olfactory family. According to this model, there are four main classes: floral, oriental, fresh and woody. Each one is divided into subcategories, so there are 14 olfactory families overall, differing from one another for specific tones. Some of the officially recognized families are:

  • Citrusy or hesperidic, made from Mediterranean notes, such as lemon, bergamot, mandarin, cedar, orange, lime and grapefruit.
  • Floral. These fragrances can be extracted from a single flower or from a bouquet of different flowers. The most used flowers are rose, jasmine, lily, but also iris, frangipani and ylang ylang.
  • Woody. They are warm and intense fragrances, mostly for men (female ones usually combine woody notes with citrusy or floral ones), which smell of dry or soft woods, such as cedarwood, vetiver and sandalwood.
  • Oriental or amber, with patchouli, vanilla, musk, spices and amber. It includes enchanting and sensual fragrances, both male and female, which evoke exotic and oriental atmospheres.

The olfactory pyramid, with its classification of head notes (the most volatile ones and the first ones to be perceived), heart notes and base notes, is another efficient tool for the choice of a fragrance.

parfume bottlesfor any fragrance

Customized bottles and fragrances with Tailor Made Fragrance

Our experts in fragrances are always updated on the latest market trends and they are willing to satisfy your needs. We only use the best raw materials: we only rely on our trusted partners for anything, from essences to bottles and boxes. You can create your own personalized perfume bottles.

custom made perfume bottles

Our offer includes a wide range of refined glass bottles, suitable for male and female perfumes and home fragrances. If you haven't thought about graphics yet, you will have the possibility to choose a design among ours and write a sentence or the name of your brand or to realize a personalized design on your own. Look at our sample kits and then start creating a fragrance line to communicate your image in an efficient and unforgettable way. Tailor Made Fragrance team guarantees professionalism and quality for custom-made fragrances. Contact us for any need.

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