The Christmas scents to immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere

The Christmas scents to immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere

The Christmas period is a magical moment: it evokes the memories of the past, the emotions experienced and it is a mix of aromas and scents that color the days of each person.

There is no a Christmas scent perfect for everyone but everyone will tend to identify the Christmas period with different fragrances.

The gourmand notes are typical of the winter season. They are distinguished by their citrus and  sweet flowers nuances, which envelop the look of each one like a warm embrace.

If you experience Christmas as a moment of peace to be spent with the family, the perfect choice is a musk olfactory bouquet, enriched with vanilla and jasmine. It can infuse relaxation and calm.

Another kind of evocative fragrance is the woody one, able to take us on a sensory journey through Christmas lights and decorated spruce trees, bringing back to life a magical atmosphere.

Personalized fragrances for a special Christmas

Let yourself be inspired by the fragrances selection proposed by Tailor Made Fragrance and create online a perfumes line that can best represent the Christmas period for your family, friends or as a corporate gift.

Personalized Christmas Fragrances

Creating a fragrance is really simple: based on the olfactory pyramid, you can select the fragrance that best suits your tastes and needs. Tailor Made Fragrance gives you the opportunity to choose from 24 different male, female and unisex perfumes, made by master perfumers with fine aromas according to the latest market trends.

If you are undecided, order the discovery kit, a box with five 1.5 ml samples that will allow you to test the different fragrances, helping you in your choice.

To make your Christmas gift even more unique, you can select the packaging and accessories from a wide range of elegant bottles, made with top quality materials.

Last but not least, you can complete them with boxes and labels to be personalized with a text, a logo and coordinated graphics in perfect Christmas style.

Communicate the Christmas  essence with Tailor Made Fragrance: our team is at your complete disposal to respond to all your requests, guaranteeing professionalism and quality.

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