Christmas scents: the perfect fragrances for the Christmas time

Christmas scents: the perfect fragrances for the Christmas time

The holiday season has officially begun. It's a magical time of the year that we often associate with fragrances that remind us of family moments, the joy of sharing and positive emotions.

Christmas 2020: the perfect fragrances

The smell of cinnamon, of woods such as pine and fir and of vanilla, which reminds us of the sweetness of the holidays, are among the most emblematic. But what are the perfect fragrances to wear during the Christmas season?

Gourmand notes are among the most popular, as they evoke the smell of freshly baked cookies, the scent of marzipan or chocolate.

Christmas scents

Citrus notes are also particularly appreciated: with their scent of orange, tangerine and pomegranate, they will evoke moments spent at the table with friends and relatives.

Finally, spicy and oriental notes such as cinnamon, ginger and vanilla are perfect to remember the warmth of winter, the moments spent in front of the fireplace, sipping a cup of herbal tea.

A personalized line of fragrances to remember special moments

The magic of the festivities or of a special moment is made of memories: thanks to Tailor Made Fragrance it is possible to create a line of personalized fragrances, able to evoke them with a mix of unique aromas that catch the senses.

Among our most popular and requested fragrances is The East, a unisex fragrance belonging to the oriental olfactory family, characterized by top notes of caramel and cream and base notes of vanilla and amber. If you are a lover of woody fragrances, The wild is the perfect choice: notes of bergamot and juniper are combined with an energizing bouquet of spices. 

In addition to these two unique fragrances, there are many other men's, women's and unisex perfumes on our website that will surprise you and best represent a moment to remember.

To complete your fragrance, you can also choose the packaging: our bottles, available in different sizes, are made of high quality glass and are characterized by a unique and contemporary design.

Finally, to make your perfume line even more precious and exclusive, you can customize it with boxes and labels with a specific logo, text or graphics.

Discovery Kit

If you would like to have a preview of your fragrance, you can also request a pre-production sample that will allow you to touch the quality and experience the persistence of our fragrances.

Enter the fragrant world of Tailor Made Fragrance and be inspired by all of our essences: we are here to help you to create the fragrance of your dreams.

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