Custom Fragrances: the perfect solution for every occasion

Custom Fragrances: the perfect solution for every occasion

Custom fragrances will continue to be among the most popular trends in 2021. For a corporate event, a special day such as your wedding or as a gift for your customers, they are experiencing great success among consumers but especially among companies who want to enhance their brand.

One of their strengths is the possibility to compose the fragrance completely according to their tastes and needs, starting from the choice of the olfactory notes to customization of the bottle with your own graphics. This is a real opportunity to represent a special moment in a unique way.

Tailor Made Fragrance: the ideal partner to create your personalized fragrances

With Tailor Made Fragrance you can express your creativity and create a fragrance line from 100 pieces.

The fragrance creation is really simple and requires only three steps.

Choose the olfactory notes

The first step involves the choice of the olfactory notes: it is a fundamental moment that allows you to define the identity of the perfume. In our website there are 25 male, female and unisex references and 5 delicate home fragrance, made by expert noses, according to the latest market trends, with high quality raw materials.

To make the choice easier and to give our customers the possibility to test the different essences, we give you the opportunity to order our Discovery Kits, practical boxes with 5 1.5 ml perfumes and a set of mouilletes.

Select the bottle and match the accessories

Once you've finished this first step, you can select the bottle that best suits your needs: our website has a wide range of packaging available in different shapes and sizes. Unique and design, they will make your perfumes even more exclusive and precious.

Personalize your fragrance

The last step includes the customization of your fragrance: Tailor Made Fragrance aims to offer you a completely custom experience, allowing you to decorate the bottle with a box and label with your graphics and your logo.

Last but not least, before placing your production order, you will be able to order a sample of your custom perfume to experience it: you will then receive a discount of the same value to use on your first order.

Be inspired by all our fragrances and create a unique perfume line that will catch your senses and will stay in your memory for a long time.

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