Creating a personalized perfume has never been so easy!

Creating a personalized perfume has never been so easy!

Creating a personalized perfume has never been so easy, except with Tailor Made Fragrance. Tailor Made Fragrance comes from the experience of a company that has been working for decades in the field of fragrance and packaging for beauty products. The brand is the ideal partner for full-service perfumery solutions. From the creation of the perfume for your store and your brand to the new company gadget, until the creation of original wedding favor. The three attributes of the brand are quality, simplicity, and uniqueness.

How to create a personalized perfume

Thanks to Tailor Made Fragrance you can create your ideal perfume online, easily, and quickly. There are 4 simple steps to follow

1- Choose the fragrance among those that we propose, made by experienced fragrance makers in accordance with the last trends on the market. Also on the website, you can find the detailed description of each fragrance to be able to choose the perfect one for you, here is an example:

Creating a personalized perfume has never been so easy!

2- Choose the bottle from the catalog, and match the pump and the capsule you prefer. There are various possibilities - rectangular, cylinder, transparent, white, gold, and more bottles.

3- Choose the graphic of the label, you can also edit a custom text and insert your logo. If you are not inspired in the creation of your graphics, you can choose from one of ours! Here are some:

Tailor Made Fragrance personalized perfume

4- Choose the graphics of the box, and edit a custom text and insert your logo.

Tailor Made Fragrance: the solution for every need

When we talk about creating a personalized perfume, we are not only referring to perfumes for him/her but also to those for the environment. Tailor Made Fragrance ensures the perfect fragrance for your ceremony, your brand, your event, your spa, or your hotel. It is precisely in this matter that the identity of the brand is distinguished, being a 360° solution.

For example, welcoming participants to the event with a personalized perfume allows you to leave an original olfactory memory and sure effect. Using a personalized perfume for your brand strengthens the brand awareness of your brand: a perfume acts directly on the perception of the brand and its recognizably. And again, by giving a personalized perfume to the guests you leave something about you  thanks to the olfactory memory.

online personalized perfumes

Rely on Tailor Made Fragrance to create your own perfume, you will be satisfied. Our company is based on the values of quality and exceptional. is a 100% Italian reality, and this encloses the all-Italian ability to mix beauty and quality, research, and tradition to give life to something unique and special. as are the partners we rely on for our raw materials.

Tailor Made Fragrance: quality in product and service.

In addition to the creation and definition of the characteristics of our products, here at Tailor Made Fragrance we are very careful to look for quality in the services we offer accompanying. First of all, we have created fragrance kits and packaging samples to allow you to test and evaluate the different options in order to facilitate your initial choice.

We are quick: the samples of fragrances are ready and will be sent to you in two days maximum. If you make a pre-production sample it will take about a week. While the times for a production order go from 10 to 15 days depending on the quantity ordered.

Finally, with a support team, we are at your disposal for any questions or requests. We want the product to best represent your brand, so we will help you to find the best solutions to your every possible problem.

How to create a personalized perfume 

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