Become a "nose" for one day and create your fragrance in a few clicks

Become a "nose" for one day and create your fragrance in a few clicks

It often happens to use a product without knowing what efforts permitted its creation. We only admire the final result, ignoring the complex processes that allow us to enjoy a high quality product. This often happens in the perfumery sector: let's go find out the profession of nose and how a fragrance is made.

The profession of the "nose"

Behind our favourite fragrance there aren't complex industrial procedures; there is an often unknown profession, the "nose". This figure takes care of creating always new fragrances starting from different aromas.

As often happens for every profession, his history is not recent. Even in ancient Egypt there were those who created the fragrances to be used during the rituals. Fragrances can generate memories and emotions using the aromatic notes always present in nature, after all.

The discipline then evolved and the first study courses dedicated to the creation of fragrances were born. Exploiting the potentialities of fragrances is useful in many sectors and environments and the creation of perfumes became an actual profession. An example of this is the ISIPCA, the Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, the great french fragrances, cosmetics and aromas professions school.

The education of perfumers is very important: the creation of a fragrance leaves nothing to chance. Every fragrance is create with the aim of telling a story, arouse emotions, and the perfumes experts of DROM Paris, the German world leader company in producing fragrances and Tailor Made Fragrance partner, know it well.

Tailor Made Fragrance perfumers are inspired by their emotions and the nature that surrounds them, trying to recreate in their fragrance the sensations they felt. Valérie Garnuch, one of the most important noses internationally, tries to "translate the infinite palette of the beauty of the world into a fragrance".


become a nose and create your custom perfume

Why is it important to choose the right fragrance?

The composition of the fragrance we buy should not be underestimated. When we look for a personal perfume we just choose the best according to our favourite fragrances, but in other cases we have to be careful about to the aromatic notes and their effects.

In fact, every aroma can arouse various emotions and produce various benefits, both on the nody and on the mind. Some of them have relaxating effects alleviating stress, others can alleviate eveyday life pressures, still others have benefic effects and help with the cure of physical problems.

The right fragrance can be exploited in many ways by a company or other structures the can use them efficiently, like wellness and beauty centers. Offering a positive experience to your guests, making a gift that increase the loyalty, give a positive memory thanks to the olfactory memory.

Tailor Made Fragrance known the effects that a fragrance can produce in different situations, and it's at your disposal for the choice of the best according to your needs. Furthermore, it allows you to personalize your perfume by choosing the fragrance, the packaging and much more.

Custom perfumes in just a few clicks

Create your fragrance in a few clicks

Every perfumer has its style, putting a part of them in their fragrances, trying to arouse emotions. With Tailor Made Fragrance you can give a personal touch to your perfume: create your personalized fragrance with our configurator.

First, you have to choose if you want to create a personal perfume or a home fragrance. Tailor Made Fragrance has the best trendy fragrances for him and for her, suitable for any occasion. Home fragrances perfectly suite to every environment of your house or activity. Then you have to choose the fragrance. Tailor Mae Fragrance has many solutions that follow the last market trends combining the best aromatic notes of the olfactory pyramid.

Once you've chosen the fragrance, it's time to personalize your perfume with the packaging you prefer. Pick the bottle from the shapes and sizes avaiable and the cap. Then choose the pump and a ribbon  avaiable in different colors if you want a perfume for him or for her; or choose the sticks if you want a home fragrance.

Finally, choose the design of the label for your fragrance, making it even more personal. You can pick one of the graphics on our catalogue, send us your own graphic, or create a whole new one. The design experts of our Design Service will take care of creating the graphic that best suits your personality or the values of your business.

Create your fragrance and personalize it; it has never been so easy and quick with Tailor Made Fragrance.

custom perfumes - the profession of nose


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