Autumn/Winter 2020 Fragrances: a mix of woody and aromatic aromas

Autumn/Winter 2020 Fragrances: a mix of woody and aromatic aromas

Summer is coming to an end and it's time to think about the new trends for next autumn/winter season. 

In particular, the most popular fragrances in the next months of the year will stand out for their woody but also enveloping scents. It is good to remember that the cold contributes to slowing down the evaporation of the fragrance, so it is advisable to opt for warm and persistent essences.

The notes of leather and tobacco are among the most popular during this period: the first is particularly evocative and recalls the warmth of a winter evening spent with family or friends. Sandalwood is also an aromatic essence that has a number of beneficial properties, such as giving calm and a pleasant feeling of relaxation: a spray in the morning will help you face the day with the right charge but without stress.

Finally, many winter olfactory bouquets contain gourmand notes, enveloping chords that give a touch of sweetness to the look and infuse a good mood during the day.

Choosing the perfect fragrance for the next season is not easy at all: it is important to let yourself be overwhelmed by the emotions and memories that you perceive as soon as you vaporize the fragrance. If these are positive and evocative, then this is the perfume best suited to us.

A personalized autumn/winter fragrance line? Create it with Tailor Made Fragrance

Autumn/Winter 2020 Fragrances

Elegant but at the same time delicate and timeless, the perfumes proposed by Tailor Made Fragrance are made by expert perfumers, according to the latest market trends and are able to satisfy every need.

Among the most suitable fragrances for the autumn/winter 2020 season we find, for example, Amber Scent, a mix of aromas that stands out thanks to the strong and aromatic nuances of patchouli and cedar wood combined with the delicacy of vanilla and jasmine. 

A masculine alternative is the elegant Oud Aroma, an intense, aromatic masculine fragrance enhanced by oud combined with bergamot and patchouli: a unique bouquet that expresses virility but at the same time luxury and exclusivity.

Once you have selected the type of fragrance, you can choose the most suitable bottle from a wide range of packaging available in different shapes and sizes.

Finally, to give a touch of originality to the fragrance, you can personalize it with accessories, boxes and labels with your own graphics and logo. If you want to test the high quality of our fragrances, before proceeding with the order, you can buy a pre-production sample that will allow you to touch your personalized perfume.

Autumn/Winter 2020 Fragrances with Tailor Made Fragrance

Create a complete and personalized autumn/winter line of fragrances in a few simple steps: our team is at your complete disposal to support you during the configuration process of your perfume. 

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