Fragrances and psyche: how to make a personalised perfume to make you happy

Fragrances and psyche: how to make a personalised perfume to make you happy

Fragrances and psyche: how to make a personalised perfume to make you happy

Smell of happiness: several neuroscience studies have shown how a particular perfume can provoke really vivid emotional reactions and this aspect cannot be ignored by the great perfume maisons.

If that scent was a madeleine moistened in tea for Marcel Proust, what is yours? Choosing a fragrance that reminds you of something and makes you immediately happy is the key of it all!

Tailor Made Fragrance allows you to create your personalised perfume, not just in the fragrances, but also in the bottles, in the accessories such as rings and wooden sticks, boxes and labels. Follow our tips we have already hinted you in a previous article and you will have your personalised perfume ready to make you physically and psychologically happy in just 3 steps through our configurator: 1) pick a scent; 2) design your bottle and 3) customise the pack!

Each fragrance has its own psycho-physical benefit

Each of us has different tastes and prefers some essences to other ones: someone loves citrus fragrances, someone else the woody ones and someone does not tolerate too strong essences. Through our olfactory pyramid and our fragrance wheel Tailor Made Fragrance guides you step by step towards the creation of a tailor-made perfume, that fulfills your expectations and your personality.

It has been demonstrated that the inhalation of some essences (jasmine, lavender, rose, sweet orange, lemon and peppermint) benefits our psycho-physical health: they relax us, calm us down and reduce our stress. Since they act at our neurotransmitters, they raise serotonin levels, the good humor hormone, and they reduce the cortisol, the stress-enhancing hormone.

Fragrances and psyche - personalised perfume to make you happy

The citrus notes, like the ones inside the refreshing citrus-based fragrance The Join and the Sea together with mosses and patchouli, instill an immediate feeling of lightness and alleviate bad days and make you remind of those happy moments at the seaside.

Vanilla is known for its calming effect like the one produced by the fragrance The Wild, enemy of melancholy, whereas the anti-stress action is carried out by lavender of the evergreen male fragrance The Man and the balancing one by pine and ficus of the fragrance The Place. The contemplative and introspective fragrances par excellence are resin and incense, helpful if your personalised perfume is thought to bring you quiet.

If you are undecided about the fragrance, you can buy the discovery kit that includes five 1.5 ml samples, so you can test the different fragrances and choose the one that suits you.

Once the fragrance is chosen, you need to personalise the perfume

Fragrances and psyche: how to make a personalised perfume to make you happy

Once the fragrance is chosen, you have to choose the bottle that suits you the most: choose from a range array of packs, available in different sizes and matchable with unique accessories, and choose the one you like the most and that sparks you joy. Last but not least, Tailor Made Fragrance allows you to personalise further your perfume with boxes and labels with texts and logos, that you can directly upload or edit through our configurator.

If you want the equation "Perfume=Happiness" to be come true, choose to place your trust in the expertise of Tailor Made Fragrance fragrance masters for your personalised perfume. Our team is always available: do not hesitate to contact us for any further information or doubt.

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