2019 Fall/Winter fragrances: between great classics and unique combinations

2019 Fall/Winter fragrances: between great classics and unique combinations

The fall/winter season is bringing a lot of news to the fragrance world. Floral and spicy notes for women and woody and balsamic notes for men are just some of the particular and unexpected combinations that will enhance the scents of this season.

There will also be perfumes on the market that can satisfy all tastes and represent all personalities: the most romantic will love citrus fragrances, with floral nuances, while if you look for more enveloping olfactory bouquets, the gourmand notes will be the favorites.

For those, however, who prefer traditional and intense scents, the oud will remain the most exclusive and desired fragrance of this moment.

Create your personalised fragrances line with Tailor Made Fragrance

Tailor Made Fragrance offers you the possibility to create a complete line of male, female or unisex fragrances online from a minimum of 24 pieces.

One of the first steps is to choose the perfume that best suits your needs: all the olfactory notes proposed are created by expert noses according to the latest market trends.

Custom fragrances with tailor Made Fragrance

In the women's fragrances section, there are light and floral fragrances such as The Blossom, gourmand notes such as Amber Scent or woody and spicy perfumes as in the case of Light Musk. As for the men's fragrances, on the other hand, there are precious and sophisticated Oud Aroma, but also the Classic Scent enriched with the aroma of absinthe and leather and finally the citrus Aquatic Green.

All the fragrances can be tested thanks to the Discovery Kit: they are boxes that can be purchased in our e-shop with 5 different 1.5 ml samples inside.

Once the perfect essence has been identified, the second step is the choice of packaging: all the bottles, available in different shapes and sizes, are made with the highest quality materials to preserve the fragrances in the best possible way over time. In addition, it will be possible to combine even the most suitable accessories and complete packaging with boxes and labels with your logo or a text to customize your perfume at 360 degrees.

Let yourself be inspired by the olfactory notes proposed by Tailor Made Fragrance and create a unique perfumes collection in a quick and easy way to customize for any kind of occasion, event, for a corporate gift or for your brand.

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