from October the 1st 2021 our production is momentarily suspended, we can not manage new orders

Tailor Made Fragrance comes from ten years experience in the field of fragrances and packaging for beauty products and it's at your disposal to create the personalized fragrance that best suits your brand, event, beauty center or hotel.

Create a custom perfume for your brand that represents in an effective and original way the identity and image of your business.

We also offer custom home fragrances who perfectly fit different kinds of environment, even those in which aromas are therapeutically used: discover our custom perfumes for wellness and beauty centers.

Tailor Made Fragrance also takes care of your body care, with custom perfumes for the person: choose your favourite fragrance from our classic and fashion perfumes and customize as you wish. Our personalized fragrances for women and men are perfect for every occasion.

In addition to the fragrance, Tailor Made Fragrance allows you to customize even more your personalized perfume by choosing the packaging and design between the ones we offer , or create a brand new one thanks to our Design Service for perfumes.

Create a custom perfume