Make a perfume line
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Choose from a selection of fragrances expertly developed in accordance with current trends.
Select a bottle from our extensive collection and pair it with an atomizer and decorative cap of choice.
Print a label, with customized name, logo and text.
Create and print a personalized box with logo, image and text.

Buying is easy and intuitive

You can submit your order through the website, which is an e-commerce; you can customize your product step-by-step starting from here and at the end of the path you will see the result of your customization, prices, quantity that you can order, and lead time.
To confirm the order, you will place the items in the cart, fill out the form at the check-out with your billing and shipping information, and choose the payment method (bank transfer, PayPal, credit card).
Once the order is confirmed, you will receive an email notification to inform you that we have correctly received the order and we will process it as soon as possible.
The Minimum order quantity is 24 pcs; it must be the same finished product (fragrance and bottle and all the details) - it is not possible to order 12 pcs with one fragrance and bottle, and 12 pcs with a different match. If you have a special request, you can contact us, and we will be more than happy, if possible, to accommodate the request; but please consider that any variation, when possible, has an extra cost.
The Minimum order quantity becomes 150 pcs if you want glossy or matt lamination on the box of your fragrance, or if you want a hot stamping (gold or silver).
The Maximum order quantity on the website is 1000 pcs; if you are interested in a higher amount purchase, please contact us to receive a specific offer.
The fragrance sample kits are in stock; therefore, this items will be shipped in 2 business days at most.
The pre-production samples require about 1 week to be executed.
Lead time for bulk order from 24 pcs to 1000 is 10-15 business days; delivery time with TNT (Europe) or FedEx (USA) is 3-4 days about (we are notresponsible for courier delivery time, this is only a standard one).
Considering that it is a customized product, price varies depending on the options you choose.
Approximately, prices per piece for a 24 pcs order are the followings (for the customized product with label, box and wrapping):
  • size 10ml: 8,80€ - $10.25 (+ VAT tax if due)
  • size 50ml: 10,90€ - $12.55 (+ VAT tax if due)
  • size 100ml: 13,50€ - $15.55 (+ VAT tax if due)
For larger quantity, up to 1000 pcs, price per unit decrease.
I.e. 50ml size table rates is the following one:
24 pcs From 54 pcs From 102 pcs From 150 pcs From 252 pcs From 504 pcs Over 1002 pcs
€ 10,9 € 10,4 € 10,15 € 10,05 € 9,45 € 8,8 € 7,85
$ 12,55 $ 11,96 $ 11,67 $ 11,56 $ 10,87 $ 10,12 $ 9,03
To see an accurate offer, based on your preferences, please start here to customize; in the end, you will see your table rates.
Sure you can, very easy: customize your product starting from here, at the end of the path select ORDER SAMPLE. This will allow you to receive your customized product sample, before submitting the bulk order for minimum 24 pieces.
The cost for the sample is 50,00 € (+ VAT if due) - 57,50 US$, and this amount will be refunded with a discount code to be used on your bulk order when it’s over 500,00 € - 575,00 US$ (VAT not included, shipping not included).
Please note that for pre-production sample is not possible to request hot stamping or matt/gloss lamination finishes, as these options requires a production of 150pcs minimum. Excluding for these two printing finishes, the pre-production sample will look exactly like the product that you will receive with the bulk order.
Lead-time for this sample is about 1 week for the production, and 3-4 days for delivery (with TNT in Europe, with Fedex in USA).
If you are not satisfied with fragrances we offer, and want to create something unique just for you, we can do it for a minimum bulk order of about 2000 pcs in 100ml size, and 4000 pcs in 50ml size (more or less, the specific quantity will depend on the % fragrance you would like to have in your perfume).
The cost of the development of a customized fragrance is 300€ (+VAT if due) - 345$; it will include two sample fragrances based on the brief you will provide us, and you will choose your favorite between these two. Click here to send your request and receive more info.
Yes, you can, starting from 1000 pcs if your fragrance is from Collection #1, and starting from 100 pcs if your fragrance is from Collection #2. The spray sample will be 1,5ml with your label on and with a customized folder, too. See prices below:
Quantity € each $ each
100 € 4,50 $ 5.18
250 € 2,90 $ 3.34
500 € 2,20 $ 2.53
1000 € 1,65 $ 1.90
To order these samples, please contact us and we will send you the order via email. Payment methods are bank transfer, credit card, PayPal; lead time, about one month.
Everything you see on the website is the standard to allow us to offer you minimum order quantity of 24 pcs, 10-15 business days lead-time, andquote available online. We can still work on to finding a different solution that meet your needs for a specific bottle and box, but in this case always consider 1000pcs minimum order quantity. Quote and lead-time will be provided after your request. Send us your request and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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