Just follow these steps:

-          Start from the Homepage, choose if you want to create personal or home fragrance;

-          STEP 1: choose the fragrance: description are provided to help you in the choice, but you can also order the Discovery Sample Kit before, to test the scents;

-          STEP 2: choose the bottle from our broad range, and match it with your favorite atomizer and cap: you can see in real time the combination you select;

-          STEP 3: Choose the design of the label and edit the text; you can also upload your own file with your logo or image;

-          STEP 4: Choose the design of the box and edit the text; you can also upload your own file with your logo or image;

-          Check-out with your billing and shipping data

You can order starting from 100 pieces; the maximum depends on the availability of single components (bottle or cap); you can know the quantity available during the steps of configuration.
If you need more quantity than the available one, do not hesitate to contact us to have more info about the restock; you can contact us at info@tailormadefragrance.com 

Credit card: Visa, Mastercard, American Express
Bank transfer – in this case you will receive all the data to do it in the confirmation order email

All the information concerning your orders and online payment are secured. The transaction is done on a secure server that uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) advanced encryption technology. Ordering on Tailor Made Fragrance is safe and secure.

All the Tailor Made Fragrance orders leave from Italy, our warehouse is in Gessate (Milan – Italy).

We ship all over the Europe and USA with an express courier, and can deliver the goods in boxes or on pallet. 
You can choose boxes or pallet when you place the order. If you want to receive the goods on pallet, be sure you have a pallet truck to unload; if you are not able to unload, the courier can refuse the delivery. 

Time to prepare and deliver the order is about 14 working days, starting from the date of the payment or of the receiving of the printing file (in case you want a personalized graphics).
Please note your Tailor Made Fragrance is a customized and hand-crafted product, so we may take some days more depending on the single order. But we assure we do our best to be the more efficient possible. 

You can do the login and verify the process of your order. With the tracking number provided via mail, you can check the delivery update on TNT website. 
Should you need further information, you can always contact TMF Customer Service: ph +39 0295929878 - email info@tailormadefragrance.com.

Yes, you will receive it via email after the shipping, and you can also request it via mail to TMF Customer Service: info@tailormadefragrance.com
At a later time, you will find it in your account as a .pdf file to be downloaded.

Yes, of course, you can order as a business customer (if you have a VAT number) or not.

Unfortunately, it is not possibile to order on the website if you want to ship out of Europe or out of USA. 
Anyway, we can manage your order all the same, offline; just contact us info@tailormadefragrance.com to get all the info.


Yes, TMF product is only Made in Italy, and we are certified ISO 9001; all our products respect good manufacturing practice.

Yes, of course, you can try our fragrances with the Discovery Sample Kit. The sets made of 5 spray tester for woman, man, unisex and home fragrance, are the best way to know all the 20 perfumes of the TMF collection, and they are 20€ (23$) each. For every purchase of a samples set, we are pleased to offer you a discount code of equivalent amount to be used on your next fragrance purchase.

Sure, you can have the so called "pre-production sample", so that you can do your evaluation before placing the bulk order.
You proceed with the configuration of your product and, in the end, you select "Order sample". The cost of the pre-production sample is 100€ ($115.00) and you will receive 1 pc that will be the same of the bulk production, except for the box that (in case you will require lamination or hot stamping) will have only 4-color printing (as lamination or hot stamping need minimum 150 pcs).
The cost of this sample will be deducted from the bulk order.

The same fragrance is different depending on the material or skin on which you test it; about the skin, fragrance changes depending on skin type, pH and temperature.
Test the fragrance on your wrist or neck and wait some minutes, to know if it's ok for you. Then you will discover the real personality of the fragrance, and the particular effect on your skin.

Light, heat, different temperatures can alter your fragrance. That's why you have to keep it far from direct light and umidity.
Also the color of the fragrance can change, due to UV rays; nevertheless, the fragrance is still good. We make tests and analysis on every fragrance, and these tests guaratee the fragrance is safe if you keep and use it in normal and predictable conditions.

Yes, TMF product is only Made in Italy, and we are certified ISO 9001; all our products respect good manufacturing practice.

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