Work and aromatherapy: the essences to best deal with daily challenges

Work and aromatherapy: the essences to best deal with daily challenges

Perfume is one of the fundamental elements to create a welcoming environment: the aroma of flowers, citrus notes or woody accords can improve a person's day, giving the right charge to deal with daily challenges. 

Starting from this basic principle of aromatherapy, it has been discovered that the scents and essences we breathe can have a positive impact on our mood, stimulating greater efficiency and productivity even in the working context.

Whether you are in the office of your company or at home in smart working mode, using the right scents can be really useful to reduce stress, stimulate confrontation, reasoning and to create an environment that infuses good mood, able to combat tiredness due to an intense working day.

These effects allow you to improve your performance, get better results and spend time in a positive environment.

Among the essences recommended to have a greater concentration, there are the ones based on mint, cinnamon and ginger: their particular aromas help to perform at best the activities that require great attention and commitment. Rosemary, vetiver and coffee, on the other hand, improve brain functions, stimulating analysis and problem solving.

Finally, to relieve tension and recharge mind and body, lavender, lemongrass and pine allow to feel better and to perceive a feeling of total well-being. 

Create your own home fragrance line dedicated to the working environment with Tailor Made Fragrance

Work and aromatherapy

Tailor Made Fragrance allows you to create a personalized home fragrance collection in a few simple steps starting from 100 pieces.

Choose from the 5 delicate home fragrances available on our website, a mix of olfactory notes created by expert noses that will allow you to create an efficient and stimulating work environment.

Be inspired by the warmth of The Woody or the citrus and floral scents of The Garden: the office will be transformed into a more productive yet relaxing environment.

Then complete the chosen fragrance with one of our packs: these are design bottles that will help to furnish the office, giving it a touch of creativity and elegance.

Finally, customize your line with boxes and labels decorated with your logo and graphics or entrusted to our design service: the result will be unique and tailored.

Take care of your employees and make your company a more harmonious working environment with Tailor Made Fragrance fragrances. 

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