The 5 unknown secrets about perfumes

The 5 unknown secrets about perfumes

Each person has a perfume that speaks about his or her history, that evokes and remembers emotions, relationships and unforgettable past moments.

However, even if you have been using the same perfume since many years, behind it there is magic, a mysterious world to explore that will allow you to look at your favourite fragrance with new eyes. Here are 5 secrets about perfumes that you may not know.

5 unknown secrets about perfumes

The origin of the word perfume

It seems strange but the term perfume does not have a certain origin: the most accredited theory is that it derives from a curious practice of the ancient Romans who used to burn perfumed substances to spread in the environment through smoke, therefore "per fumum".

The memory of the nose

When we come into contact with a perfume, our brain is able to remember it for a very long time. It is frequent that we perceive smells that remind us of our childhood.

The sense of smell, in fact, is the sensory system with a greater number of connections with our emotions: this is the reason why smelling a certain scent can really change our mood and our days.

Associating a perfume with a colour

It has been discovered that some perfumers are affected by synesthesia, a neurological condition that connects several senses. In these cases it is frequent that the "noses" associate each odour with a colour or vice versa, creating fragrances just like paintings.

The secrets behind the formulation of a perfume

Today's fragrances are not only composed of natural ingredients as in the past, but are also enriched by synthetic components. It is an advantage as it allows the fragrance to have greater stability and not to deteriorate over time.

Fragrances with the most particular ingredients

Throughout history the ingredients of perfumes had not only a vegetable origin but also an animal origin. The most common examples are grey amber with an aromatic and delicate scent, produced by whales, or wild moss, which does not concern the plant but is extracted from some deer glands.  All these particular ingredients are no longer used today and have been replaced with synthetic elements produced in the laboratory.

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A personalized fragrance line with Tailor Made Fragrance

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