Are you looking for original ideas for your wedding? Give an emotion with perfume bottle wedding favors

Are you looking for original ideas for your wedding? Give an emotion with perfume bottle wedding favors

Your dream of love is about to be crowned with the long-awaited "yes". The wedding day is approaching and the stress for preparations is certainly high. The most of your energy will be engaged in each step of the organization, from the choice of the dress to the restaurant and the invitations. Fortunately, the web is plenty of ideas to give the most romantic day of your life that extra touch to make it truly perfect.

Why not treat your guests to personalized perfume bottle favors? Usually wedding favors are one of the last points on the list of the many things to do, but they are equally important to leave a beautiful memory. That’s why personalized home fragrances are an original and refined choice, both useful and romantic.


Tailor Made Fragrance has decades of experience in the beauty sector. Our experts are available for all your needs, from the choice of the perfume to the best packaging. We provide a complete service to create your own cadeaux directly online, even for small quantities and in short times. Surprise all your guests with your perfume bottle wedding favors, the added value to make your wedding truly unforgettable.

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How to choose your home fragrance


The first step is the choice of the fragrance. Since it is a personalized product designed for a wedding, it will have to reflect the atmosphere of this fateful day and the couple’s feelings. This is how you can create a love story enclosed in a home fragrance diffuser. Perfumes evoke a lot of different sensations that are impressed in the olfactory memory that we have discussed in a previous article. Furthermore, we need to consider the "season" factor, as some smells are more easily associated with certain periods. Here is our selection for your perfume wedding favors:


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The Garden reminds the sweetness of a summer garden. Perfect for the most romantic and lively couples, it comes from a mix of floral and citrus notes based on iris, jasmine and bergamot. The best solution for summer weddings and exclusive outdoor locations


The Tulip contains floral and aromatic notes that evoke romantic fields of tulips in bloom. This fresh and cheeky fragrance, suitable for spring ceremonies, combines freesia, cyclamen and tulip with base notes of woods and freshly cut grass


The Jasmine instead is the ideal choice for an autumn or winter wedding. A warm oriental mix of woody and spicy notes is combined with the sweetness of vanilla and musk. Top notes of raspberry, amaretto and chocolate meet a heart of jasmine and gardenia, up to a base of vanilla, coffee and rosewood: a true sensory explosion


Sensorial marketing for your wedding


These tips will guide you in the choice of the right fragrance for you:

  1. The first impression counts. If you immediately appreciate a fragrance, then you are probably in the right direction. But if you're not so sure, it means that it did not impress you

  2. Do not rush. Listen to your instinct but take the time to decide. If you immediately like a perfume, it means it has top notes compatible with your taste. But for the heart and bottom notes you have to wait a few minutes. In this way you will avoid impulsive purchases

  3. Do not strain your smell. You may be tempted to smell many essences in rapid succession. But in this way you will overload your olfactory perception and will end up confusing every note. Our advice? Take some breaks


In the end, your wedding will spread an extremely pleasant atmosphere. The olfactory receptors placed in the nose activate the limbic system that controls emotions, memories and the sense of well-being. Even companies know this biological fact and use it to strengthen their brand identity and distinguish themselves from their competitors. Home fragrances represent a valid sensory marketing strategy for those brands that aim at greater public involvement. But you can apply the same principles to your perfume wedding favors for relatives and friends.


Tailor Made Fragrance: the best partner for perfumes and accessories

In the most beautiful day of your life entrust to our master perfumers, always up to date on the latest market trends and ready to support you in the choice. Discover our wide range of fine glass bottles, suitable for men's, women's and home fragrances. For your perfume bottle wedding favors you can choose between 3 types of bottles available in different finishes and sizes, and complete them with rings and wooden sticks. Like our elegant clear glass bottle matched with white ring and sticks.


Are you undecided on the best fragrance for your wedding favors? Ask for the Discovery Fragrance Kit: 5 samples of our home fragrances in 1.5 ml spray bottles enclosed in an elegant hard case.


Tailor Made Fragrance only relies on trusted partners from the scents to the bottles and the boxes. In this way you will have the opportunity to offer a quality product made in Italy at a competitive price. But the customization does not stop there. In fact you can upload a personalized graphic with your own image or logo with your initials and the wedding date. The Tailor Made Fragrance team guarantees professionalism and quality in order to fullfill your needs. Please contact us for any need!

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