Design Service: the new graphic service of Tailor Made Fragrance

Design Service: the new graphic service of Tailor Made Fragrance

Tailor Made Fragrance has introduced Design Service, a new and exclusive service that allows you to completely customize your fragrances line on a graphic level.

Thanks to a designers team, you can request the creation of the logo and coordinated graphics for perfumes and home fragrances.

Design Service represents another step forward for Tailor Made Fragrance towards a 360° products customization: this in relation to the growing importance of customization, a rapidly expanding trend, increasingly requested by retailers and consumers who love unique fragrances able to represent them not only at the olfactory level.

This service will also allow those who do not have a graphic support, to create a unique and high level fragrance  as those of the big brands.

Design Service: the new graphic service of Tailor Made Fragrance

To request the Tailor Made Fragrance Design Service is really simple: after having chosen the most suitable perfume and bottle, it will be possible to purchase, at a cost of 250.00 euros, this new design service.

Once you have placed your order, you will receive an email confirmation for the activation of the Design Service: you will be asked for any existing graphic materials and / or inspirations, graphic suggestions from which to take inspiration.

You will then be contacted by the Tailor Made Fragrance design team to understand together what characteristics the product  coordinated image should have.

After this brief, you will be sent two graphic proposals: you can choose the one you prefer and request, if necessary, a revision of the latter.

In just two weeks the graphic project will be completed: at this point, you can proceed with the creation of your fragrances line.

Starting from scratch, in a few simple steps and in a very short time, Design service will allow you to have a high level brand identity just like the most beloved and well-known perfumes in the world.

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