Customized perfumes for hotels, spas and stores: 3 rules to avoid mistakes

Customized perfumes for hotels, spas and stores: 3 rules to avoid mistakes

When thinking about perfumes, fragrances for him and her comes to our mind. But in the perfumery world, there's much more to discover! Old and new trends such as aromatherapy and olfactory marketing. So, we are talking about home fragrances to be used in hotels, spas or in stores. There are already a lot of fragrances on the market but Tailor Made Fragrances offers the chance to create customized perfumes.. And today, to pamper even more our customers, we decided to share with you the best way to get an ideal product for you! We bring you 3 rules to be followed in order to create the perfect customized perfume!Customized perfumes for hotels, spas and stores: 3 rules to avoid mistakes

1. Give emotions: perfect customized perfumes

Smell is a powerful tool to convey emotions, feelings or sensations. That's the reason why aromatherapy is used in spas: it exploits the spreading of essential oils in the air to convey all their beneficial properties. Indeed, essential oils can prompt calm and relax or soothe muscle pain. Moreover, we all have been there: we smell a perfume and it calls to our mind a specific person or a situation. That's an "olfactory memory" and is what olfactory marketing focuses on: diffusing a fragrance in a store or in a hotel in order to create a positive feeling and a pleasant memory in the costumer mind. Hence, the right fragrance improves the customer experience.

olfactory pyramid

Given this, come up with the right perfume for your store seems to be impossible? Tailor Made Fragrance has designed many fragrances following the latest trend and all are different from each other. So, that's the reason why they can meet the taste of many. The woody is a home fragrance warm and enveloping, in which the endearing amber is married to the geranium and to the patchouli. Or, The Tulip is an aromatic floral home fragrance and it evokes a field of flowering tulips.

custom perfumes

If that's not enough, we put at our customers disposal our experts in order to create a perfume with a customized combination of notes. About that, on our website you can find a very helpful tool: the olfactory pyramid. It's a graphic devise for better understand perfumes, their rating and which notes can better persist over time.

2. Follow your style: customized perfumes

Great attention should be paid to the bottle selection, that's more than a simple container: it became a forniture piece in a hotel or in a store. So, for the creation of the ideal customized perfume, you should pay great attention to make the shape and style of your bottles compliant to those of the rooms you want to perfume. This will give your location an elegant and unique touch. Would you prefer your bottles with an old-fashioned style? Or with bold and geometric lines? In see-through, frosted or black glass? Do you want to take a look at our best sellers? Visit our e-shop to discover all our proposals!

After you get your perfumes customized with your style in your spa or in your store, be sure not to hide them! Make the most of them as design pieces, by placing them in the right spot without cover them: don't let them go unnoticed! The bottle customization furnishes the area in an original and captivating way!

customized perfumes packaging label logo

3. Do the detail work of your customized perfumes

It's the attention to detail that makes all the difference. It's something that customer always detects. That's the reason why we suggest you to take your time to evaluate all your choices and possible combination in order to create you ideal products. But What doing the detail work of your customized perfumes exactly means? It means carefully picking the items to be matched to your bottle: sticks, caps and all the accessories. It means also taking care of the graphics for your labels and boxes.

On our website, besides our numerous proposals, we offer you an editor to layout your logo and your background or you'll be able to download the file of the label and do you design. But we offer you a third solution! Our graphic team will create two graphic proposal using your logo, if you have one, or your images to aspire to. There is one final loose end to tie up: the label finish. Plastic labels, available in transparent or white backdrop, are very resistant and versatile; meanwhile, paper labels are sophisticated and the look of your customized perfumes will be more natural and eco-friendly. Got this far, you will have all figured out and you will get an item totally tailor made to your store o your hotel.

customized perfumes

Fourth rule?

Have you been following all our advice so far but you are still not sure about the outcome? Well, you are right: it's always better testing your products before placing a bulk order. We, at Tailor Made Fragrance, have come up with the discovery kits! These are pre-production samples so that you'll be able to evaluate the items created according to your customization, before proceeding with your order. Or you'll be able to assess fragrances and packaging options, before you do your final picking.

Here are all our tips about the creation of customized perfumes for your store, your spa or your hotel. Continue following our blog for the latest trends or more interesting facts. For instance, Do you know about the tricks to make your fragrances last longer?

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