Perfumes Made in Italy: discover the quality by Tailor Made Fragrance

Perfumes Made in Italy: discover the quality by Tailor Made Fragrance

Perfumes Made in Italy: discover the quality by Tailor Made Fragrance

Find out how to create a personalized eau de parfum with Tailor Made Fragrance. You need to follow 4 simple steps and you will have a costumed high-quality perfume in all its aspects, from the fragrance to the packaging, and the guarantee of the made in Italy.

Perfumes made in Italy

Eau de parfum of high-quality: the mission of Tailor Made Fragrance

Tailor Made Fragrance is an Italian company that has worked for decades on fragrances and packaging for beauty products. We are specialized in the creation of perfumes both for the environment and for people. We are the perfect partner for you if you are looking for full-service perfumery options. Among our principal strengths, we have experience and quality. Quality is the key point of our business and the crucial aspect of our mission. That is why we created a business with excellent partners that help us realize each component of our product with valuable raw materials. Everything is Made in Italy, the essences, the bottles, and the packaging, and certified ISO9001.

Made in Italy: a guarantee of quality and distinction

"Made in Italy" is an expression that contains the Italian capacity to combine beauty, quality, research, and tradition, to give life to something unique and special. Tailor Made Fragrance is an Italian brand, as well as all the partners we trust for our raw materials.

Everyone knows that the beautiful country is a mix of art, colors, breathtaking views, and unique flavors, but we have to take in mind that the importance of perfumes is in every Italian corner. Tourists memories are full of images and emotions that come from fragrances dispersed in the air. There is not a single city, island, lake, or mountain without a characteristic perfume. The fragrance experts go around Italian cities to discover the best scents and to create perfumes that enclose the magic and splendor that characterize Italy.

Do not miss the chance to realize a customized eau de parfum for your brand and to give your clients a little bit of Italy. An aquatic fragrance like "The water" will make your customer feeling on Italian coasts or one of our wonderful islands. Choose a floral eau de parfum like "The tulip" or "The garden" to evoke the atmosphere of a sunset in an Italian village. Finally, if you want to evoke the warm and wrapping climate that is typical of our mountain huts, choose a woody fragrance like "The woody".

 Made in Italy custom perfumes

An eau de parfum made for you in 4 simple steps with Tailor Made Fragrance

A personalized perfume can be the perfect key to make your brand or your event unforgettable. Our strength is the powerful olfactory memory of our products. Use a distinctive fragrance that can communicate your identity and your values, and linked them to the memories of your customers. With Tailor Made Fragrance, starting with the choice of a fragrance, you can create a perfume for the environment or people customized in every aspect. If you are looking for an original gadget for an event you are planning, it is right for you! As well as if you need a pleasant eau de parfum that becomes the characteristic aspect of your environment.

The first step involves the choice of a fragrance among our proposals made by experts of fragrances in line with the latest trends.  After that, you have to select from the catalog the bottle, the pump, and the capsule. It is packaging able to combine to the high quality a refined design and practicality of use. They are made from the best raw materials, to ensure the preservation of the essences and aromas of your perfume. The third and fourth steps concern the graphics of the label and the box. Then, you have the opportunity to realize your costumed text and your logo.

"Made in Italy" is the synonym of elegance, style, research, and perfection of details. For this reason, we don't leave out any aspect: we define every detail and involve you as much as possible because the final product has to reflect you 100%.


Tailor Made Fragrance looks for quality not only in the product but also in the service

In addition to the creation and definition of the characteristics of our products, at Tailor Made Fragrance we are very careful to seek quality in the services we offer you. First of all, we created sample kits of fragrances and packaging to allow you to test and evaluate the different options to facilitate your initial choice.

Moreover, we are quick: the samples of fragrances are usually ready and sent to you in two days maximum. If you make a pre-production sample it will take about a week. On the other hand, the times for production orders are from 10 to 15 days, depending on the quantity of the order.

Last but not least, with our support team we are at your disposal for any questions or requests. We want the product to represent your brand perfectly, so we will be there for advice and to find the best solutions to your problems. For example, if you are looking for a different graphic than the ones proposed, we provide you our graphic department to support you in this creative phase.

Made in Italy perfumes

To learn more about us, our mission and values, and the latest news from the beauty world, we invite you to take a look at the Tailor Made Fragrance blog. You can find out how to choose the perfect fragrance for you or what are the 5 unknown secrets of perfumes for example.

Tailor Made Fragrance is waiting for you to create a product entirely Made in Italy, of extreme quality, able to represent the heart of your brand, and to capture the one of your clients!


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